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Launching the world's largest productivity event with ClickUp.

Learn how we used our own product to build, manage, and launch the world's largest virtual productivity conference, LevelUp 2023.

60,000+ registrants

across 6 continents

30,000+ attendees

spanning 3 timezones

21 million minutes

of content playtime

Event overview

Once the curtain fell on LevelUp 2023, we knew we'd absolutely crushed it. We broadcast 26 action-packed sessions to 30,000+ attendees worldwide across our digital platform and social channels, all without a hitch.

We also delivered exciting experiences; a pre-party with a DJ, a digital photobooth, giveaways, an interactive unicorn game (really!) and more. Yup, it was pretty epic. We set an entirely new bar for an event experience—for ourselves and for our customers.

So, how did we pull off our biggest event ever?

The secret sauce was our very own platform, ClickUp.





Use Case

Event Marketing


The challenge

Our adventure began with a bold vision: to launch the biggest, best productivity conference the world had ever seen.

We wanted to unveil the latest evolution of our platform, ClickUp 3.0, some exciting new features, and a treasure trove of productivity knowledge from industry experts and ClickUp teams. And most importantly, we wanted to create a fun and valuable experience that attendees would't forget.

No big deal, right?

The final plan for LevelUp would call for 40 speakers, 26 sessions, music performances, and new digital event experiences. And throw in 6 months of marketing campaigns and event promotion to build hype and drive registrations.

We soon realized we'd need a dream team of over 100 employees spanning 7 different teams. And a way to plan, collaborate, and execute hundreds of tasks and dependencies with tight timelines.

If only there was a platform for that, right? 😉


Stephanie MoreauEvent Coordinator at ClickUp

"During our virtual event, we encountered several challenges due to the rapid growth of our company. One major challenge was onboarding new event collaborators and stakeholders efficiently. With the constant addition of new team members, it was crucial to ensure that everyone was up to speed on the event details and their respective roles."

Solutions with ClickUp

When it came to managing the success of LevelUp 2023, ClickUp was the obvious choice.

Our ClickUp Workspace became our central location for all cross-functional teamwork to make the event a reality.

ClickUp' flexible Hierarchy of Spaces, Lists, and tasks enabled us to create an organized hierarchy of work for every team involved, from Marketing to Speaker Coordination. This ensured that everyone stayed in the loop and focused on their part of the mission.

With powerful collaboration features, such as Comments and Chat, we said goodbye to messy email chains and embraced seamless collaboration. It was like having everyone in the same room, even when some of us were oceans apart.

But it wasn't just about bringing people together – ClickUp also unleashed our creativity.

By streamlining our processes and keeping everything organized, we could focus on what really mattered: delivering an incredible event that attendees would never forget.

In a nutshell, ClickUp was the game-changing platform that allowed us to dream big and turn LevelUp 2023 into a reality. From planning to execution, ClickUp was by our side every step of the way, enabling us to work in lockstep as a 100+ person team.


Melissa RosenthalChief Creative Officer at ClickUp

"Once the initial ideas were fleshed out, our team used ClickUp Docs to create detailed plans and video scripts. This allowed for real-time collaboration and feedback, ensuring that every aspect of the conference was polished and refined."

Pre-production: planning the dream & aligning the team

To bring our vision for LevelUp to life, we first had to tackle several challenges. We needed a rock-solid plan covering every tiny detail, from timelines and speaker selection to session content. Our teams had to be in sync with the event's goals and objectives, and we needed to wrangle an all-star lineup of speakers.

LevelUp Whiteboard

Enter the power of ClickUp. We created a dedicated Space for LevelUp 2023, complete with Lists for each team, like Marketing, Speaker Coordination, and Content Creation.

We used Whiteboards as a creative canvas for planning the event roadmap and experience, ClickUp Docs for event messaging and content, and tasks to assign responsibilities and track progress. For example, our Speaker Coordination team used tasks for inviting speakers, gathering their bios, and confirming session topics.

Each ClickUp view allowed us to creatively plan and organize event tasks with connected workflows—giving everyone from team leads to individual contributors a clear view of the steps required to put on an event that would knock everyones socks off.

Production: turning our event vision into reality

With the groundwork laid, it was time to bring LevelUp 2023 to life. Our production process was a whirlwind of video shoots, content creation, and marketing campaigns. ClickUp was at the heart of the action, enabling our event project management to run like a well-oiled machine.

Our production teams worked with speakers to produce captivating and educational video content. We used ClickUp Docs to craft event messaging, customer communications, and to collaborate on video scripts and share feedback. We set up tasks to manage event production, such as video shoots, to keep track of deadlines and monitoring progress.

For our digital event platform, BrandLive, we used ClickUp to coordinate the design and development teams, ensuring a seamless user experience. We stored and managed creative assets in ClickUp, making it easy for team members to access designs and promotional materials.

Group 1618869306

And to get the word out about LevelUp 2023, we launched a multi-channel marketing extravaganza that drove registrations and got people talking.

Our marketing team used ClickUp to plan and execute campaigns, from email sequences to social media blasts. We used task templates to standardize every workflows for launching segmented emails and promotional teasers across LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube. We even activated our internal and external influencers to get the word out, using ClickUp to coordinate branded event outreach across multiple channels.

By assigning tasks with due dates and monitoring progress on the ClickUp Calendar view, we kept operations moving along smoothly as registrations grew with each promotion launch.


Gregory SwanSenior Content Manager at ClickUp

"We ran a 6-month promotion campaign to build hype and engage our audience across every marketing channel. Our Content, Demand Gen, Social, and Email teams carefully coordinated the promotional campaign all within ClickUp; using Calendar view, Docs, and tasks to deliver on tight deadlines, gradually tease event content, and keep the drumbeat going strong until launch day."

Post-production: delivering a smooth & memorable event experience

As the event drew near, we shifted our focus to post-production tasks. Staff training, customer support, and last-minute promotion were the orders of the day.

With ClickUp, we made sure our team members were up to speed with ClickUp 3.0's awesome new features and ready to provide top-notch support during the event. We created a wiki with ClickUp Docs for training materials and task checklists to ensure everyone had FAQs and backup plans ready to go.

LevelUp Event Messaging Doc

Our creative and production teams managed event assets with a List view to easily move between Figma files, video libraries, and attachment links to upload all of the amazing content to our digital event platform.

As the countdown to the big day began, we cranked up our marketing efforts across all channels, using ClickUp's real-time Chat view to manage last-minute promotions and updates to attendees. We also kept the excitement brewing with regular communication with registrants, using ClickUp to schedule reminders across email and social.

On the day of the event, we used ClickUp to coordinate the launch, assigning tasks for monitoring live sessions and providing real-time support for attendees. And when LevelUp 2023 wrapped up, we quickly executed on marketing tasks for thanking attendees, sharing recordings, and conducting post-event surveys to collect valuable feedback from our customers.


Melissa RosenthalChief Creative Officer at ClickUp

"By using ClickUp for the LevelUp conference, we were able to streamline our post-production process and achieve a seamless handoff. The ability to upload assets directly to each master task for every session meant that everything was conveniently located in one place, eliminating the need to search for files across various platforms. ClickUp truly transformed the way we approached post-production, making our LevelUp conference a success."

The power of ClickUp for simplifying event management

The smashing success of LevelUp 2023 is a shining example of ClickUp's superpowers as a platform for managing and executing events. By using our own product to plan, produce, and promote the event, we not only exceeded our wildest goals but also showed off the awesomeness of ClickUp 3.0.

The conference was the perfect showcase of how ClickUp can fuel productivity and teamwork for organizations of all shapes and sizes. LevelUp 2023 united industry thought leaders, ClickUp pros, and thousands of attendees, all fired up by a shared passion for productivity.

Through this connected experience, we proved the value of our platform and inspired attendees to unleash their full potential. As we look back on the epic journey of LevelUp 2023, we're more pumped than ever to keep innovating and delivering top-notch solutions to help individuals and teams reach new heights of productivity.

The story of LevelUp 2023 is just one thrilling chapter in ClickUp's ongoing saga, and we're stoked to see what adventures lie ahead.


Zeb EvansFounder and CEO of ClickUp

"This year's LevelUp was 10x better than last year. The quality and creativity of this event makes me truly believe we set a new standard for virtual events. Our teams worked hard and (smart) and I'm proud that we used our very own product to collaborate on and deliver such an amazing experience to attendees."


Melissa Rosenthal Chief Creative Officer at ClickUp

"The fact that we were able to produce such a large and successful virtual conference entirely within our own platform is a testament to the power and versatility of the product. I love how this use case highlights the fact that is not just a tool for task management, but a comprehensive productivity platform that can be used for a wide range of tasks and extremely large scale projects."

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