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Easily monitor incoming customer support tickets and manage their resolution from start to finish in one accessible place!
Excellent customer service requires excellent organization...which can be tricky when you're juggling tickets, chats, and assistance at once! The key is to start out with the perfect template to minimize the clutter and help you focus on your customers—and your own peace of mind.
ClickUp's new customer service template is the ultimate tool to help customer support reps:
  • Organize clients, feedback, and priorities with expert-level efficiency
  • Track your customers, partners, or satisfaction ratings —all in one place
  • Collaborate with teams and departments on tickets, issues, and solutions

ClickUp Customer Service Template

This template helps customer service reps and agents streamline their support management system with user-friendly views, forms, and customizable fields.
Included in this template are four customizable views that streamline key aspects of the customer support experience:
  • List view: Visualize all tickets by type and escalation on a flexible List
  • Board view: Organize and track each ticket's progress with a drag-and-drop Kanban board
  • Form view: Keep your customer service request forms at hand and ready to be sent out in seconds
  • Doc view: Reference the full set of instructions for using this template at any time
ClickUp's customer service template is pre-set with a List just for tickets, broken into sub-categories like escalated tickets and the tickets assigned to you.
To better prioritize customer requests at a glance, this template is equipped with pre-built Custom Fields that allow you to add important details to a ticket such as:
  • Type of issue
  • Completion status
  • Requestor's contact email
  • Customer satisfaction rating
One of the best time-saving features with this customer support template is in the pre-built Form view. Not only is a pre-built Customer Service Request Form at your fingertips to send out on the fly, every Form submission instantly becomes a new task that appears exactly where it belongs.

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