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Use this template, created by Jonathon Popphan from Friendly Tech Training, to define and refine your blog publishing and promotion process.
By: Jonathan Popphan
Optimize your blog publishing and promotion with this specialized template. Streamline your workflow, from content creation to audience engagement, ensuring every post maximizes reach and impact.
This template is a roadmap for bloggers to define, refine, and execute their publishing and promotional strategies. ClickUp's features make it seamless to plan, schedule, and track every aspect of blog management.
  • Streamline content creation and scheduling.
  • Enhance visibility and audience engagement.
  • Ensure consistent and effective blog promotion.
Main Elements:
  • Custom Statuses: Track post progress from Draft to Published.
  • Custom Fields: Detail topics, target keywords, and publish dates.
  • Custom Views: Access Calendar, List, and Board views for a holistic content plan.
  • Task Management: Utilize notifications and reminders for timely actions.
How to Use:
  1. Plan Content: Outline topics and create a content calendar.
  2. Create: Draft, edit, and prepare posts for publishing.
  3. Promote: Detail and execute promotion strategies for each post.
  4. Track Performance: Monitor engagement and adjust strategies accordingly.
  5. Iterate: Refine your process based on analytics and feedback.
Get Started: Enhance your blog's efficiency and impact with this template. Hit "Add Template" in ClickUp, designate its workspace location, and invite your team to streamline your blog's publishing and promotion processes.

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