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Streamline your product feature prioritization with this template by Jonathon Popphan from Friendly Tech Training. Categorize requests, assign tasks, and ensure top features are developed promptly. This template helps product teams categorize, evaluate, and prioritize feature requests effectively. With ClickUp's tools, it's simpler to manage requests and maintain alignment on development priorities.

By: Jonathan Popphan

  • Organize and prioritize feature requests efficiently.
  • Integrate user feedback into product development.
  • Foster team collaboration and clear communication.
Main Elements:
  • Custom Statuses: Track request stages like Under Review and In Progress.
  • Custom Fields: Capture details like impact, priority, and effort.
  • Custom Views: Use List, Board, and Gantt views for a comprehensive overview.
  • Task Management: Leverage notifications and dependencies for better tracking.
How to Use:
  1. Collect: Use ClickUp Forms to gather feature requests.
  2. Evaluate: Assess impact and feasibility, categorizing each request.
  3. Prioritize: Set priorities and plan based on strategic value and resources.
  4. Track and Communicate: Assign tasks, monitor progress, and update stakeholders.
  5. Review: Continuously refine the prioritization process based on feedback and outcomes.
Get Started: Implement this Feature Request Template to refine your product development. Click "Add Template" in ClickUp, select where to apply it, and invite your team to enhance feature prioritization and development.

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