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If your team uses the Agile methodology, your main goal is to nab small wins as you travel along a clear—but flexible—project path. This is easier said than done... unless you have the perfect Agile management template to help you blaze the trail!
You can find the right template for your Agile project within ClickUp's fully-loaded Agile Management Space, helping your team:
  • Prioritize requests, tasks, and project planning with clarity
  • Organize Sprints, project statuses, meetings, and more in multiple views
  • Collaborate and communicate with teammates and stakeholders every step of the way

ClickUp Agile Management Template

The Agile Project Management Space is comprised of ten organized Folders for key applications of the Agile method. Within each Folder are pre-built Lists that further organize your iteratively managed projects in one beautiful Space!
ClickUp's Agile Management Space encompasses the following areas:
  • Product Management
  • Risk Management
  • Test Management
  • OKR Management
  • Capacity Management
  • Improvement Management
  • Communication Management
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Q4 2020
Agile Management template Mind Map
Each Folder in ClickUp's Agile template Space has its own unique views to help create your most efficient workflow in an Agile project:
  • List view: Organize Agile epics, initiatives, and Agile user stories on a List
  • Board view: Use the drag-and-drop Kanban board for all your Agile to-do's
  • Timeline view: Handle fast-changing deliverables on a flexible Timeline
  • Workload view: Monitor your team's workload, identify bottlenecks, and see who is under or over-capacity
  • Mind Map view: Break down all aspects of an Agile roadmap into smaller, actionable items on a visual Mind Map
  • Table view: Draw relationships between product-related tasks on a versatile Table
Agile Management template Board view
Each view within an Agile Management template comes with pre-built Custom Fields, where you can add important details like budgets, implementation difficulty, work quality, and more. Each template also provides Custom Statuses, which help everyone organize and follow the progress of every task.
Agile Management template List view
ClickUp's Agile Management template was built with the core goal of the Agile methodology in mind: to promote velocity and help teams collaborate with flexibility. Finding your best Agile workflow is possible—it all begins with one perfect Space.

Template Includes

  • Done
  • In progress
  • In review
  • Pending
  • To do
  • Accepted
  • Complete
  • Contacted
  • Occuring
  • Submitted
  • Ended
  • Not started
  • Occuring
  • Accepted
  • Complete
  • Occuring
  • Rejected
  • Submitted
  • Open
  • In progress
  • Pending
  • Qa testing
  • Resolved
  • Open
  • In progress
  • Pending
  • Qa testing
  • Resolved
  • Closed
  • Behind

  • Item Type

  • Sprints
  • Points
  • Tags
  • Wip limits
  • Milestones
  • Custom fields
  • Dependency warning
  • Multiple assignees

  • Workload
  • Mind Map
  • Activity
  • Timeline
  • Calendar
  • Box
  • Board
  • List
  • Gantt
  • List
  • Board
  • Workload
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