How V4 Company scaled agency operations with ClickUp

Marketing agency V4 Company needed a better way to meet client expectations as it grew. See how its teams use ClickUp to provide the visibility, collaboration, and insights it needs to deliver stellar customer experiences.


Results with ClickUp

30% growth in business

since adopting ClickUp

1 day per week

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500 customers

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Company overview

V4 Company is an advisory marketing firm focused on helping clients sell their products online to more people, for the greatest value possible. The V4 Method focuses on four essential pillars of marketing to drive growth: traffic, engagement, conversion, and retention. Today, V4 operates more than 200 offices with hundreds of employees driving growth for 5,000 small and medium-sized businesses throughout Brazil.

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    Marketing Agency

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    Project Management

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The challenge

Digital marketing agency V4 supports big-name brands like Spotify and XP inc. However, as the company became more successful and its client roster grew, so did gaps in operations and client communications. This caused expensive and time-wasting headaches for V4’s executive leadership.

“Sometimes when you’re managing a project, you encounter unexpected communication issues and gaps along the way,” says Germano Matta, Executive Partner at V4 Company. “We found ourselves having to provide different stakeholders with the same information over and over.”

Every time V4 tried to streamline operations, the same problem always occurred. The tool that the firm had chosen for the job—whether it was Notion, Pipedrive, or Trello—didn’t have all of the functionality the company required. For example, no tool provided adequate visibility into the creative team’s productivity or their capacity to take on new projects.

A lack of clear visibility into agency operations hindered V4’s ability to keep up with demand and growth. It was clear that the company needed a solution that went beyond project management. V4 wanted a platform it could use to manage operations for the entire agency.


Germano MattaExecutive Partner

"ClickUp helped me eliminate the chaos and organize my agency operations so I could focus on my agency growth strategy."

Solutions with ClickUp

An all-in-one work management platform that eliminates chaos

After other project management tools fell short, V4 turned to ClickUp. Today, the entire agency uses the powerful productivity platform. ClickUp helps Germano manage operations like a boss, and save time so he can focus on growing the business.

Better communication, stronger client relationships

Leveraging ClickUp Automations means that V4 can automate certain client communications and eliminate time spent on routine tasks. Automations trigger weekly project updates for clients via ClickUp, based on a project’s status. Then ClickUp sends a project update in Gantt view to the client via the WhatsApp messaging system.


“I don’t know of another agency that shares Gantt charts like we do,” Germano says. “Doing this makes it immediately obvious if something hasn’t been delivered, but that’s good because it improves transparency, which clients appreciate.”

ClickUp Templates also help V4 manage client project plans with ease. The agency can grant guest access to clients so they can view their project plans and stay up to date on progress.

“This helps us keep the client close to the project, which improves communication and relationships” Germano says. “Before, that was tough to do.”

Greater visibility into workload capacity

Germano’s favorite ClickUp feature is its Hierarchy. Starting with an organization-wide Workspace and then breaking projects down further into Folders, Lists, tasks and subtasks, ClickUp's Hierarchy makes it easy to visualize, organize, and manage work.

Dashboards also act as a mission control center for V4, helping Germano visualize his staff’s progress on projects with real-time reporting. ClickUp lets Germano assess the output of each individual employee so he can track what work is getting done, what isn’t getting done, and what is overdue.

“Now I can see the output of my creative team,” he says. “Before ClickUp, if someone said, ‘You have four or five employees. How many designs can they do?’ I didn’t have the answer. But with ClickUp, I have visibility into capacity and can manage the team’s workload as we grow.”


More time to focus on what matters

Thanks to ClickUp, Germano can efficiently wrangle the chaos that comes with running a marketing agency. The platform enables his entire team to simplify work and get more done.

“Before ClickUp, I was bogged down and didn’t have the insights I needed to make decisions quickly,” he says. “Now with ClickUp, I can move the business forward at a faster pace.”

What's next for V4 Company

V4 plans to continue leveraging ClickUp as an all-in-one productivity platform for agency operations, from team collaboration to client communication. This will support the company’s continued growth as an industry-leading marketing firm.

With new insights into V4’s workload capacity, Germano can commit to new client work confidently, forecast hiring as needed, and truly focus on activities that continue to grow the business.

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