Red Sky cuts meetings by 80% by automating 42% of HR processes

Once siloed across disconnected work tools, Red Sky's HR teams now communicate and collaborate seamlessly with ClickUp—reducing time spent on HR, recruiting, and team meeting processes.

HR Views
HR Views

Results with ClickUp

80% reduction

in total meetings and 50% reduction in length of meetings

40% decrease

decrease in time spent on legal analysis with 42% of HR processes automated

300% faster

recruitment process (from 21 days to 7 days)

Company overview

Red Sky has been creating, supporting, and empowering startups since 2006. The company is a startup studio from Poland that works with founders to develop their business and product ideas. Red Sky’s mission is to turn groundbreaking ideas into successful businesses.

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    Venture Capital

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    Human Resources


The challenge

Inefficient meetings, communication, and processes hindered growth

In their work with startups, Red Sky’s departments must collaborate cross-functionally. For example, the recruitment team co-creates Red Sky’s marketing, and the HR team works with the administration team to help establish new portfolio companies (the startups that Red Sky works with), implementing best practices in employee experience.

Organizing processes in this way is a challenge in Red Sky’s ever-changing business environment. In fact, an annual audit of the company's processes showed that it was struggling with several issues that were affecting productivity.

First, Red Sky was holding too many meetings that were not a good use of employees’ time. Second, the company needed to improve the quality of communication between teams. And finally, processes like recruitment for Red Sky’s portfolio companies were inefficient due to the involvement of multiple stakeholders and back-and-forth email communication that took weeks to work through.

“This approach resulted in several challenges, anxious hiring managers, disrupted recruiter scheduling, and missed opportunities to secure the best candidates,” says Ewa Lale, Recruitment Business Partner at Red Sky.

Red Sky’s challenges were preventing it from efficiently making progress toward its goals and providing the best possible service for its portfolio companies. These problems were complicated further by the fact that the company was using 10 different technology tools to try to get work done.

As a company that believes in technology and automation, Red Sky knew it needed a singular productivity platform that would address its issues and seamlessly fit into its organizational culture.


Ewa LaleRecruitment Business Partner at Red Sky

“This approach resulted in several challenges, anxious hiring managers, disrupted recruiter scheduling, and missed opportunities to secure the best candidates.”

Solutions with ClickUp

A centralized hub for work with robust automation and security

Red Sky was familiar with ClickUp through word of mouth and had heard positive feedback about the platform. ClickUp checked all of the boxes as a centralized repository for documentation, and for its ability to automate numerous processes and manage data securely, so Red Sky decided to give it a try.


Ewa LaleRecruitment Business Partner at Red Sky

“ClickUp helps us manage our projects better and makes the entire process easier and faster. It also provides information transparency, which is crucial for our teams to stay on the same page.”

Boost efficiency with standardized meetings

ClickUp enables Red Sky to standardize its approach to meetings. This includes a comprehensive agenda housed within the platform that defines the crucial topics for discussion. Agendas are based on a ClickUp Dashboard available to all participants, enabling them to familiarize themselves with the key points and prepare accordingly.

HR Dashboard

“This preparation phase has proven invaluable,” Ewa says. “It allows us to maintain consistency throughout each meeting and highlight the essential insights while ensuring that the meeting runs efficiently.”

Red Sky also incorporates real-time task updates from ClickUp into meeting agendas. This provides teams with up-to-date project information and has reduced the overall number of meetings that the company holds.

In addition, Red Sky uses Dashboards to centralize and manage relevant updates for teams and projects. This creates a more streamlined and transparent flow of information.

Drive progress toward company (OKRs) with improved communication

The Red Sky team no longer needs to scour lengthy email threads, physical notes, or any number of project tools. It's all in a central location.

“Red Sky’s way is to use ClickUp to launch a new work culture,” Ewa says. “Although developing a habit of logging pertinent information in the tool may require some time, it pays off by helping us establish a standardized, ongoing practice.”

Everything had to be in ClickUp. It was a daily routine the Red Sky team worked hard to instill. And the results have been transformative: fewer meetings, seamless handoffs between team members, and status updates that were always up to date.

HR Goals view

Red Sky also uses ClickUp to stay on track to hit company goals with clear timelines, measurable targets, and automatic progress tracking. With ClickUp Goals, all team members can access information regarding progress and deadlines.

Before implementing ClickUp, collecting data on progress toward goals and preparing presentations on the data took at least two hours per project. Now, the entire process takes 15 minutes. This streamlined approach to goal management allows Red Sky to optimize processes and work towards achieving objectives more efficiently.

Improve results with streamlined recruitment processes

Since adopting ClickUp, Red Sky has not only improved internal processes, but also its approach to client work. Red Sky no longer needs to rely on time-consuming email communication to initiate recruitment for its clients’ portfolio companies.

HR Form view

The company has streamlined the recruitment process by utilizing a centralized ClickUp Form that consolidates all necessary details. This allows the recruitment team to start the process right away and seize the opportunity to secure the best candidates for Red Sky’s portfolio companies.

Final results

The first full year that Red Sky used ClickUp was 2022. The results from that year alone are impressive:

  • 80% reduction in total meetings

  • 50% reduction in length of meetings

  • 42% of HR processes automated

  • 40% decrease in time spent on legal analysis

  • 3x faster recruitment process (from 21 days to 7 days)

What's next for Red Sky

Fueling the startups of the future

ClickUp has enabled Red Sky to significantly streamline processes and improve efficiency. The platform’s comprehensive features allow Red Sky to track progress toward company goals, manage tasks, and communicate seamlessly in a centralized location.

Teams across the company can now collaborate more effectively, brainstorm ideas, and solve problems together in a more productive way than ever before—helping to further Red Sky’s mission.


Roksana KozarynaChief Operating Officer at Red Sky

“ClickUp has been a game-changer for our team. It enables us to manage projects more efficiently, improve communication and collaboration, and ultimately achieve our goals more effectively.”

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