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Easily track and manage all of your blog posts in one central location. Brainstorm new topics, optimize your content, track deadlines, and so much more!
When it comes to managing your blogs, the best foundational tool is a template that's proven to save teams time on organizing, scheduling, and collaborating on blogs. That's why ClickUp created a replica of their winning Blog Management Template to share!
ClickUp's all-in-one blog management template is built to help your team:
  • Organize and optimize all blog content in one location
  • Track and schedule posts, asset creation, and due dates
  • Cross-collaborate among writers, designers, editors, and more

ClickUp Blog Management Template

This blog template makes it easy to bring all of your ideas, posts, and timelines into one place—just plug in your content and go!
ClickUp's Blog Management Template comes to you with 7 core views:
  • Timeline view: Track blog deliverables on a flexible Timeline
  • List view: Organize tasks, due dates, and assignees on a classic List
  • Board view: Visualize workflows and track content on a Kanban board
  • Form view: Collect and organize blog requests submitted for approval
  • Calendar view: Schedule posts and set deadlines on a classic Calendar
  • Doc view: Reference a built-in Help Doc to learn how to use this template
  • Gantt view: Track post progress and avoid bottlenecks on a dynamic timeline
  • Box view: Monitor what people are working on and what's left to do in Box view
We get that top-notch content creation takes time; this template has all the tools you need to make the rest of the process as efficient as possible. Pre-built Lists organize posts and assets, and Custom Fields bring all due dates, URLs, and files in one place!
With your template's built-in Blog Request Form view, you can create, send, and organize all requests in one place. Once a Form is submitted, a new task is created exactly where you need it to go—no more losing track of big ideas!

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