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Create and maintain a good working relationship between manager and employee. This template lays out roles, expectations, and how to best implement a feedback cycle. 
One-on-one meetings are your chance to connect and align with the people you manage in the most effective way possible. The perfect 1:1 meeting template keeps all of your agendas—tailored for each individual—in one organized place.
Because scheduling and setting the agenda for 1:1 meetings shouldn't take up more time than the meetings themselves!
1-on-1 template Doc overview
ClickUp's one-on-one meeting template helps managers:
  • Align your team around updates, priorities, and goals.
  • Customize and share an organizedone-on-one agenda
  • Lead 1:1 meetings with purpose, clarity, and actionable feedback
This one-on-one meeting template lets you do all of the above and more—all in one Doc!

ClickUp 1:1 Meeting Template

This collaborative agenda template is a ClickUp Doc designed to let managers input relevant one-on-one meeting information for all teammates under their leadership.
ClickUp's 1:1 template includes pre-built pages for employee roles, expectations, and recurring meeting agendas for each team member. Create nested pages within each page for even more organization.
1-on-1 template pages
Improving team communication is another key benefit of this template. Like any other ClickUp Doc, this 1:1 meeting template lets you add assigned comments to the people you lead. Collaborate on ideas for growth as they arise, align on specific agenda items, and track key takeaways together.
ClickUp also gives you the power to customize each one-on-one Doc with engaging formatting and easy-to-add GIFs, charts, visuals, and more to amp up the joy in connecting!
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