Strategic planning, redefined.

In the wake of distributed work and market uncertainty, your strategic planning needs a re-think.

Download this handbook to learn how to to adapt your strategic planning for remote teams & the digital workplace.

  • Adapt strategic planning & OKRs for the digital workplace

  • Align distributed teams toward shared goals

  • Unlock your organization's full potential

  • Get access to ClickUp's free OKRs Template

What's Inside

Modernize your strategic planning.

Traditional methods of strategic planning no longer meet the needs of today's teams. This handbook shows how to modernize your approach to unlock visibility, alignment, and efficiency against company-wide goals.

In this handbook, you'll learn:

  • Why traditional approaches to strategic planning and OKRs are broken

  • How to adopt modern strategic planning across your organization

  • Best practices for unlocking organizational alignment + a free ClickUp template to get started

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Content Preview

A sneak peek of Strategic Planning Redefined.


How-to's & solutions

Actionable steps to shifting your team's mindset and processes to a more modern, digital friendly approach to strategic planning.


Best practices for starting

Best practices with customer insights for making the most of your digital transformation to planning, tracking, and executing on shared goals.


Free OKRs Template

A free ClickUp OKRs template with step-by-step guidance on how to use this free solution to jumpstart your team's modern approach to goal setting and execution.