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The Productivity Handbook

How to build a flywheel for excellent and efficient teamwork in your organization.

Our Philosophy

ClickUp’s mission is to Save People Time by Making the World More Productive.

In pursuit of this, we believe in breaking through the status quo and maximizing potential through excellence—whether it's in work, life, or daily habits.

Below are the tenets our teams abide by every day to do their best work, stay lean, hit deadlines and ultimately serve you as the best work management partner.

We hope it provides inspiration and helps you achieve and exceed your goals as well!

Flywheel Full Version

Seek Challenges, Bring Solutions

Flywheel - Mindset v2

It Takes a Team

it takes a team full

Be an Owner

Flywheel - Leadership

Grow 1% Every Day

Flywheel - Growth

How ClickUp Can Help

This flywheel is more than a philosophy, it’s a practical guide for action.

With ClickUp, you can put these practices into place with the right tools, workflows, and playbooks to supercharge your team’s productivity.

Here's how ClickUp can help your teams today:

Promote transparency
Establish feedback
Bring teams together
Establish clear goals
Promote continuous learning

Ready to build your productivity flywheel?