ClickUp Task Types

Use ClickUp tasks for anything

Whether it's managing customers, tracking leads, reporting tickets, or prioritizing features, you can do it all and more from a single platform.

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Why Task Types?

Limitless flexibility to work the way you want

Task Types transform tasks into anything you need to track at work,
enabling every team to customize ClickUp for their exact needs.

Create anything

Create any Task Type like events, bugs, deals and more

There are limitless possibilities to what you can create and manage in ClickUp using Task Types. You have complete control to transform a task into any kind of work.

Create any Task Type

Fields & statuses

Customize fields and statuses for each Task Type

Different kinds of work require different context. Each Task Type you create comes with its own custom fields and statuses that are specific to the task at hand.

Fields and statuses

Save templates

Turn Task Types into a template to use anywhere

When you save a Task Type as a template it appears everywhere you can create a new task in ClickUp, making it incredibly easy to standardize how you work.

Task Type as a template

Specific workflows

Build team-specific workflows using Task Types

Tracking related Task Types in the same List, View, Folder, or Space makes ClickUp infinitely flexible, helping each team to do their work with all the context they need.

team-specific workflows

Fine-tune automations

Automate each Task Type workflow differently

Every team has processes and rituals around their work. Task Types allow any team to automate specific steps of their workflows with incredible granularity.

Fine-tune automations

Customize views

Visualize Task Types with views that fit the work

Each of ClickUp’s 15+ views highlight work differently, which make it easy for each team to customize their workflows based on the Task Types they create.

Customize views

We create Models, Algorithms, and Data Structure tasks using Task Types. This helps us to organize and track complex projects more easily.

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We track Clients, Contacts, Jobs, and Recruiters using Task Types, which makes each type of work easy to spot and automate in ClickUp.

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We use Task Types to identify top level projects and departments like Emails, Milestones, App, Blog, Videos, and Website.

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