How Pharmacy Mentor consolidates tools and doubles productivity with ClickUp

Learn how Pharmacy Mentor's Client Relations department improved client project management, collaboration, and internal communication for the entire company with ClickUp.

Pharmacy Mentor Board View
Pharmacy Mentor Board View

Results with ClickUp

2x more productive

after replacing daily account meetings

20% fewer revisions

on client projects

100% of staff

communicate without time zone barriers

Company overview

Pharmacy Mentor is the ultimate pharmacy marketing and development solution. The platform is designed to help community pharmacies embrace the digital age. Through digital marketing services, transformational online courses, high-quality video modules, and building exceptional digital solutions, the company helps community pharmacies propel their businesses into the future.

  • Industry

    Marketing Agency

  • Employees


  • Use Case

    Collaboration, Client Project Management


The challenge

Email overload and inconsistent project management caused operational chaos

The primary role of Pharmacy Mentor’s Client Relations department is to ensure the agency’s customers are happy with the projects executed for them, such as marketing and website development.

“We serve as the go-between for delivery teams like Marketing and our clients. When a client asks for something, we create a strategy and figure out how to deliver it in the best way,” says Lewis Norwood, Head of Client Relations at Pharmacy Mentor.

With just three people serving 200 clients, the lack of a central platform for project management and collaboration caused operational chaos as the team continually jumped between apps and contexts.

For example, Pharmacy Mentor used Google Workspace to house folders for each client, which customers could access and upload documents to. This system became unwieldy.

It was also time-consuming to access the status of a client project at any given moment, which meant work was often duplicated. And Lewis’s team could not see project progress in real time, so they were continually requesting update meetings with the account executives.

Internal operations were problematic, as well. Personal development plans and team goals were housed in email and Google Docs, with no way to formally recognize employees’ personal goals, resulting in an excessive number of emails.

A disjointed client communication process also hindered operations. It was difficult for Pharmacy Mentor to get information from clients regarding their desired services. The process required customers to fill out a lengthy questionnaire, and only 20% of clients responded.

Solutions with ClickUp

One central location for account collaboration, communication, and project management

During an online search, the company's CEO discovered ClickUp and was struck by its features. On further investigation, Pharmacy Mentor decided to consolidate its old customer relationship management (CRM) tool, Google Workspace, Google Docs, and Trello into one powerful platform: ClickUp.


Lewis NorwoodHead of Client Relations, Pharmacy Mentor

“ClickUp has helped our business become much more productive—saving time, reducing the need for pointless meetings, and vastly increasing employee and client satisfaction.”

Improve productivity with a consolidated toolset

Pharmacy Mentor now uses ClickUp as its CRM and project management platform. With a central location for managing client projects, teams doubled productivity and eliminated the need for countless meetings and emails.

“We work across a number of Marketing and Development divisions. ClickUp has helped us work more cohesively,” Lewis says. “Each division has their own folder and each department has a space. For joint work, we have an operations space.”

Pharmacy Mentor Project Scope Doc

The company’s different teams use ClickUp Whiteboards to collaborate visually on projects. They share information in ClickUp Docs, rather than in disparate Google Docs. This makes it easy to organize and grow client relationships.

Centralize client management for a better customer experience

With ClickUp’s robust CRM capabilities, Pharmacy Mentor no longer has to rely on inflexible CRM tools and cluttered client folders, or worry about creating redundant work. The client communication and delivery processes are much smoother thanks to ClickUp Tasks and ClickUp Automations, which function together to send email updates that keep everyone in the loop and save time.


It’s also easier to get information from customers using ClickUp Forms, which have increased client responses from 20% to 80% and drastically reduced time spent on follow-up. In addition, client projects require 20% fewer revisions due to the ticket systems Pharmacy Mentor has built within ClickUp.


Lewis NorwoodHead of Client Relations, Pharmacy Mentor

“We communicate inside ClickUp, and everyone who is part of a project is added as a Watcher from day one. We also have Master Client Cards, and if someone works on something for a client away from this card, they then make a note and backlink the activity so the account executives can see everything that goes on."

Create real-time visibility into goal progress across the company

Pharmacy Mentor’s entire workforce, including the Client Relations, Web, Development, Marketing, Finance, and HR departments use ClickUp to set and track both their individual goals and their contribution toward company goals. This has eliminated repetitive conversations and email communications about objectives and results.

OKR Dashboard.png

In addition, ClickUp Dashboards enable Pharmacy Mentor to visualize progress toward goals with real-time reporting. Daily account meetings are no longer needed.

“When I started as Head of Client Relations, I built a Dashboard to track the number of clients per account executive, give a quick view of upcoming projects, and see where clients were on their journey with us. It made a world of difference, seeing this information at a glance,” Lewis says.

What's next for Pharmacy Mentor

Seamless client and project management

ClickUp has helped Pharmacy Mentor significantly improve client project delivery. Collaboration has soared, work has become more efficient, and real-time visibility into essential metrics has been enhanced. The team has fine-tuned its project schedules, and 100% of staff can now communicate effectively, regardless of time zone.

“We've streamlined the project management process, and it's much easier now. Everything's just so much more slick,” Lewis says.

Now the Pharmacy Mentor team looks forward to continued success in scaling their digital solutions for pharmacies to make healthcare more accessible.


Lewis NorwoodHead of Client Relations, Pharmacy Mentor

“Now that we have ClickUp, we’re not doing the same thing over and over, and we’re not confused about who’s responsible for which project. We can see who’s leading it, break it down into sub-tasks, and everyone can see their responsibilities.”

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