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Trello is unmanageable for most workflows and requires a vast array of add-ons to suffice. With ClickUp, you get better boards, plus: structure, customization, lists, boxes, statuses, and more.

ClickUp brings simple personal task management with a modern to-do-list that's easy for anyone to use. As the top-rated productivity platform, ClickUp is a superb Trello alternative.

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Great projects start with great project management
For those that need more that simple to-do lists, but still want a beatiful simple interface.
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The fastest growing Trello Alternative for a reason.
Take the time to look at a Trello review compared our reviews before making a decision!
Alternatives to Trello

Still looking for fully-featured Trello alternatives, for free?
We’ve tried Asana, Basecamp, Trello, JIRA, Monday, and tons of other software only to realize they’re missing essential features or cost a fortune.

This is why we set out on our mission to create the ultimate, free collaboration tool! We’d love to show you and your team members how easy it is to switch to a more structured project management solution!

Say goodbye to that dreaded to-do list and start managing real projects with world’s favorite project management tool!

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