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Assign Tasks and Keep Everyone Accountable.

Assign Tasks and Keep Everyone Accountable.

Don’t depend on one leader to do everything! With ClickUp, you can keep a record of who does what. Create projects and assign tasks to multiple people. Mentions and assigned comments keep everyone accountable, and our collaboration indicators let you know who’s working on what, and when.
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Keep everything in one place.

Simply drag and drop files into a task or add them in a comment. Work with any type of file, including spreadsheets, presentations and more. Everything stays together with ClickUp.
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Manage Your Time Like a Pro

Use simple tools to make your project easier.

Use simple tools to make your project easier.

Use a top-notch project management platform that helps you track your work. Set due dates, track your time and stay productive, just like you will in your career.
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Track upcoming deadlines.

Track upcoming deadlines.

With ClickUp, you’ll never miss a deadline again. Notifications will send you reminders about upcoming deadlines, and the Time View will show you each week and month. Sync ClickUp with your Google Calendar, too!
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“More time for fun.”

- Jules, 3rd year Communication and Multimedia Design student and ClickUp user

Organize Your Class Projects

Only turn on features that you use
Everything else is hidden until you need it.
Tasks are tailored to your Space settings
Create simple or complex tasks based on what you need.
Create your own workflow with statuses
Use Simple Statuses for checklists, or Custom Statuses for workflows.

Create a Space for each class.

Big paper in one class and a design project in another? Spaces were built for separation. Use them to structure each class and organize Projects within them. In your Space, you’ll get to customize everything for that specific class.
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Structure a Project.

Structure a Project.

Projects are where you’ll store everything you need for yourself or your team to get things done. Projects could be semesters, tests, group presentations, or really anyting you’re learning about.
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Make a List.

Make a List.

Lists act as folders to organize your Projects. They’re where tasks live. Once a List is created, start filling it with all the tasks that you want to accomplish. Add details to your List to give clarity into what needs to be done for that group of tasks.
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Add tasks to your Lists.

Fill your tasks with rich detail. This is where the actual work gets done. Assign tasks to your team memebrs. Attach files, set dependencies between tasks, create subtasks, and so much more!
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