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We surveyed hundreds of business leaders from around the world to see what strategies are at the top of their playbooks in 2023.

Download this report to learn how companies are attacking growth, priorities, and costs amid economic uncertainty.

What's Inside

Strategies for success.

This report dives into the strategies adopted by SMB and mid-market companies to achieve success this year and position themselves for growth in the future.

What you'll learn:

  • How business leaders plan to succeed in 2023

  • Why businesses are investing in technology to drive company-wide efficiency

  • The top priorities and business metrics leaders are focused on to accelerate recovery

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A sneak peek of key findings.

  • Most businesses are projecting growth in 2023.

    Despite the current economic uncertainty and volatility, business leaders remain optimistic and are projecting growth in 2023.

  • Business leaders are playing offense with efficiency.

    Rather than defensive cost-cutting measures, companies are making strategic investments to increase efficiency across the board.

  • Employee engagement & customer retention are top priorities.

    Companies are doubling down on innovative ways to boost employee engagement and optimize customer experience.