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Basecamp Project Management

Basecamp is a project management and team communication software that’ll help you:
  • Track project and task progress
  • Store and share relevant documents
  • Communicate with your project team
  • Facilitate project collaboration with them
Basecamp gives users these key features:
  • An excellent messaging platform that promotes quality teamwork
  • A handy universal search
  • Centralized place for file sharing
  • Simple task management (great for small-team to-do lists and team collaboration on projects)
  • Automatic check-in questions
  • A portal for clients and customers to view tasks and communicate
  • Group chat & direct messages for team collaboration
  • Task reporting
Basecamp Classic is the tool’s earlier version, while the current one is called Basecamp 3. It offers features like file sharing, file storage and messaging. 

Why Look for a Basecamp Alternative

If Basecamp does the job, why look for an alternative at all?
Well, just because something works doesn’t mean it’s the best. There’s always room for improvement. Basecamp is a perfectly adequate project management tool in many ways.

Infrequent Updates and Minimal Integrations

A competitive market is a major feature of what fuels innovation, and as handy as Basecamp can be, the market has brought some tough competition through tools like Zoho ProjectAsana, TeamWork,  Wrike and  Trello.
Basecamp has been around for a while. It was founded in 1999 – more than twenty years ago. There’s nothing wrong with age, but adaptability is a must, and Basecamp has been a bit sluggish on updating its tool for any user in the modern world.

Integrations & Hierarchy

Basecamp still has no professional team hierarchy and offers only outside integrations for time trackingBasecamp was also designed with the old-school waterfall system in mind and is hardly ideal for  Agile project management.
Even Asana took the time to add an agile board view to their inventory – why haven’t we seen this from Basecamp?


Another obvious advantage an alternative might bring is a cheaper price tag: maybe even a free Basecamp alternative?
At $99 a month, the Basecamp paid plan isn’t exactly easy on the wallet. Do you need to pay that much? Why break the bank when you can have more features for less (or even nothing at all)?

Features of the Ideal Basecamp Alternative

Choosing an alternative management tool instead of Basecamp for your project management needs will mean keeping some features Basecamp gets right.
A smart Basecamp competitor learns from Basecamp’s successes while improving on them and adding innovations of their own.

Simple Interface

Basecamp is relatively simple to navigate and understand! For a competitor to really shine, it will help to have some simple options for the interface, no matter what the status of the user!
Along with that, you'll want to be able to see exactly what you need to see. While some team members may prefer to see all of their tasks in a list, others may prefer a Gantt chart, or a kanban board view.

Tiered Pricing and Features

Basecamp is an investment, and smaller teams with low budget for software may find it prohibitive to invest in Basecamp.
Single users may find the price prohibitive, which larger groups may find the lack of advanced features to be problematic. Tiered pricing structures allow users to pay for exactly what they need, for whom they need it! Whether you are able to work with a free plan, paid plan, or even an enterprise plan, you will want to look for a plan that provides the features that you need!


A project management app can't have everything that you need! But the good news is that there are integrations for pretty much anything and everything that you need to accomplish! Whether it be time tracking, file sharing, cloud storage, you'll want to look for a project management platform that integrates with the tools that you are already using on a day-to-day basis!

Team Management

Manage your team easily with resource management tools! The ideal Basecamp alternative would allow you to manage your team effectively, from being able to know how many tasks users have assigned to them, to being able to help know who needs more tasks.
User groups would also be an ideal addition, to be able to add team members to a full user group and be able to tag that user group in assignments!
Are we asking too much of one project management tool? No! Make sure that you check out our top Basecamp alternatives.

Looking for a Basecamp alternative?

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