Join ClickUp's Affiliate Program for Freelancers.

Are you a freelancer who loves using ClickUp? Earn rewards by sharing ClickUp with your clients and partners.

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Get started in 3 easy steps.

Sign up.

Register for the program to get your unique affiliate link.

Share your link.

Introduce your clients and partners to ClickUp with your referral link.

Earn rewards.

Get paid whenever someone uses your link to sign up for ClickUp or upgrade to a paid plan.


Share ClickUp, get rewards.

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New account activations.

Earn $30 when someone uses your link to sign up for a new free account.

Affiliate Program for Freelancers LP_Commisions Image 2 ($150)_03.01.23.png

Workspace upgrades.

Get $150 when someone signs up for a paid plan or upgrades their account using your link.

Affiliate Program for Freelancers LP_Commisions Image 3 ($1,000)_03.01.23.png

Large clients and teams.

Make $1,000 when a large team or organization signs up.


Guidelines for success.


  1. Use approved branding from our brand page—and feel free to reach out if you need more assets.

  2. Place your link in blog bylines, email signatures, and anywhere else people may see it.

  3. Promote ClickUp by posting your link on social media.


  1. Promote your link on sites with inappropriate, adult, or illegal content.

  2. Disregard the guidance on our brand page

  3. Use sketchy marketing tactics to promote us.

  4. Abuse the program.


Affiliate Program for Freelancers info.

What are the conditions?

Your referral will not qualify for referral credit if the customer:

  • Is already a ClickUp user
  • Self-referrals (referring yourself or your own organization)

View the full affiliate program terms here.

How long does the cookie last?

Visitors have 30 days to sign up for ClickUp after clicking on your link.

How often do you process rewards?

Rewards become available after 45 days following our new-user-referral verification process.

How do I get paid?

Payments are processed through our affiliate platform, Impact.