Drive greater efficiency across your organization.

Did you know that organizations at an expert stage of collaborative work management have seen nearly a 50% improvement in task efficiency, collaboration, and workflows in the last year alone?

Leading market intelligence firm, IDC, surveyed over 600 enterprises to create a model for how businesses can improve operations and achieve more results, with fewer resources.

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What's Inside

The roadmap to company-wide productivity.

Discover how successful organizations achieve greater operational effectiveness with collaborative work management systems.

What you'll learn:

  • The four key stages of of collaborative work management (CWM)

  • How companies transition from beginner to expert stages of CWM

  • The challenges and strategies for success at each stage of your transformation


A sneak peek of key findings.

  • Organizations move through for stages of productivity maturity.

    Each stage comes with its own priorities, challenges, and benefits—and organizations need to stay nimble and plan for change as they transition to higher levels of efficiency.

  • Higher levels of productivity come with greater risks and rewards.

    In the early stages, the benefits of collaborative work management are more focused. As companies progress along their journey, they unlock greater results but may also encounter bigger challenges.

  • Today's uncertain climate requires new critical competencies.

    Doing more with less is essential in an unpredictable business environment, but organizations should also strive to find more effective ways to keep employees engaged.

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