Track & organize any type of work with Table view

Create lightning-fast spreadsheets and powerful visual databases to manage budgets, inventories, client information, and more.

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Track & organize any type of work with Table view.


Visualize data for any project

Organize tasks and edit data in bulk with responsive, intuitive tables. Create Custom Fields to record virtually anything—task progress, file attachments, star ratings, and 15+ other field types.

Visual data like a spreadsheet.


Create the perfect no-code database

Draw relationships between tasks and organize your work by linking tasks, documents, and dependencies. Connect customers to orders, link users to bug reports, and more.

Table-View - Database Relations


Customize and share your work

Format your tables your way.

Format your tables your way

  • Manage your work with robust filter and grouping options
  • Hide and pin columns to easily sort and track information
  • Drag and drop columns to better organize Table view data
Share your Table view with anyone.

Share your Table view with anyone

  • Update clients with publicly sharable links to Table view projects
  • Export Table view information as easily accessible spreadsheets
  • Quickly copy and paste information into other spreadsheet tools