Organize your notes, checklists, and tasks all in one place.

Quickly jot down notes, format with rich editing, and transform entries into trackable tasks that you can access from anywhere.

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Checklist anything for easy organization.

Keep your notes and action items organized with checklists. Drag-and-drop to easily move items within your checklist and nest them to create a visual hierarchy.

Embed webpages, spreadsheets, videos, and more for easy access.


Take notes your way

Bring your notes to life with Notepad's super rich editing. Add headers, bullets, colors, and more to organize notes your way.

Type notes your way.


Convert any note into a trackable task

Transform your ideas into action items with ClickUp tasks. Instantly convert any Notepad entry into a trackable task with due dates, assignees, priorities, and more.

Convert any note into a trackable task.


Access notes from your browser or mobile device

Stay connected to your notes with ClickUp's Chrome Extension and mobile app. You'll always be able to capture important notes and ideas from anywhere.

Access notes from your browser or mobile device.

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