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Organize your work, your way

Create a personal list right on your home page, and add anything else you want to see when you start your day!

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Quick access to your work

Prioritize the work that matters most. Easily navigate to your recent work and view projects and comments assigned to you at a glance.


Keep track of your assigned comments.

See all of your assigned comments in one place so you always know which conversations are awaiting your follow-up.

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View and respond to where you've been mentioned.

View every task and comment where you have uncleared mentions to see where others are awaiting your help.

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Manage all of your reminders in one place.

Create and manage your reminders, add attachments, and set dates or recurring schedules to never forget anything again.

home reminders

Track action items assigned to your team.

Keep tabs on action items you've assigned your team by viewing your delegated Reminders in one place.

home delegated reminders

Create a list of task priorities for your team.

Build a prioritized sequence of tasks for any team member by adding tasks to their LineUp that they have instant access to.

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Schedule your perfect work day.

Manage your daily agenda and events from ClickUp. Drag and drop to schedule tasks, track Google Calendar events, and one-click to join Zoom or Google Hangouts meetings directly.