Create trackable Goals connected to your work

Achieve success even faster with ClickUp Goals. Stay on track to hit your objectives with clear timelines, measurable targets, and automatic progress tracking.

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Measure success with key results

Track progress with numerical, monetary, true/false, and task Targets. Create sprint Targets, weekly sales Targets, and more by adding tasks from different teams into a Goal.



Manage all your Goals in one place

Keep Goals organized with easy-to-use folders. Create folders to track sprint cycles, OKRs, weekly employee scorecards, and any number of important team goals.



Set clear targets to track wins.


Progress Roll-up

Track progress toward multiple related Goals by grouping them into Folders, where you can visualize progress percentages across multiple Goals in one view.


Task Targets

Link tasks or lists to a Goal, and ClickUp will automatically track your progress as you complete them. For example, link all tasks in a Sprint to a single Goal to track overall progress.


Number Targets

Create numerical Targets for your Goals to track items that can be broken down into distinct units, such as "Create 5 Instagram posts in a week."


Monetary Targets

Set monetary Targets for your Goals to track objectives like sales and revenue targets. Manually update your progress towards the target to track your results.


True/False Targets

Use these Targets when completion can be described in simple "done/not done" terms. For example, an event coordinator might use True/False Targets to track whether a venue was booked or catering was paid.



Group and categorize your Goals and Targets by adding unique descriptions so you and your team know exactly what everyone's working toward.


Lead your team to success

Stay on schedule to reach your objectives

Set deadlines for your team's Goals, keep Sprints and backlogs on a tight timeline, and monitor progress on weekly scorecards.

Share your Goals with anyone

Control who can access Goals, set one or multiple owners, and easily manage view and edit permissions

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