Unleash your creativity with Canvas technology.

Power up productivity with ClickUp Canvas technology—and create a personalized Workspace that's a work of art.


Canvas and cards

Pick a card, any card.

Create, resize, and place portable Cards anywhere on your Canvas to view anything in ClickUp the way you want it.


Powered by Canvas

Personalize to fit your (work) style.

The following pages are powered by Canvas technology. Customize them all to create your very own productivity masterpieces.

home (1)


Welcome to your new Home. Hit the ground running with a personalized Home that automatically surfaces your most important work first.



Bring work to light for your teams with custom Overviews that provide a quick view of all things happening within any Space, Folder, or List.

Collections Card


Find, access, and organize your content all in one convenient place, with personalized Hubs that make finding and sharing information effortless.