Keep work on schedule with Calendar view.

Organize projects, plan timelines, and visualize your team's work on a flexible calendar that keeps everyone on the same page.

Manage timelines and share them publicly.

View your calendar by day, week, or month to track projects at a high level or drill down into task details. Filter to show just the tasks you want to see and share your Calendar with anyone.

Drag-and-drop schedule any task or event.

Instantly schedule your tasks by dragging and dropping them onto your calendar. Easily manage your work with task sorting by status, priority, assignee, and more.
Sync your Google Calendar with ClickUp.

Sync your Google Calendar with ClickUp.

Manage work and launch meetings directly from your Calendar view, and see all your ClickUp tasks alongside meetings in your Google Calendar using 2-way syncing.

View your work your way.

Organize your schedule by project, priority, and more with color-coded tasks. Display task details such as assignee, priority, and time tracked on your calendar, and easily edit them in bulk.

Focus on what matters with filters.

Zoom in on schedules and project details by applying and saving one or more filters to a calendar. Quickly review work details by showing subtasks in Calendar view.

Save one day every week
with ClickUp's Calendar view.

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