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Calendar view

Why Calendar view?

Manage your calendar
without switching apps

Coordinate events, manage task timelines, and plan projects
in one customizable view to keep your schedule centralized.

View work your way

Switch between daily, weekly, or monthly views to focus on what matters and use advanced filters to highlight key tasks.


Track and manage tasks visually

Drag and drop to adjust task durations and dependencies, making changes as needed to keep your work on track.


Schedule tasks with ease

Quickly add and reschedule your work by dragging and dropping tasks right in your calendar.


Safely share your calendar

Securely share your Calendar view with guests outside your workspace.


Keep your calendars in sync

Connect popular external scheduling apps like Google Calendar to keep all your events and tasks in one place.


Never miss a meeting with reminders

Set alerts and event reminders to ensure you never miss an important deadline or meeting.

Never miss a meeting with reminders

Customizable views

Tailor views to fit your work type

Customize your Calendar view to fit your unique workflow and preferences. Switch between daily, weekly, monthly, or custom views, and use advanced filters to highlight critical tasks and deadlines.


Task timelines

Visually manage tasks with timelines

Easily oversee and adjust project phases by setting timelines for specific tasks. Change schedules with a simple drag-and-drop to instantly update task durations and dependencies.


Easy scheduling

Schedule simply with drag-and-drop

Add and rearrange tasks directly in your calendar, guaranteeing flexible scheduling for you and your team. No need for complicated adjustments; just drag, drop, and done.


Public sharing

Share your calendar with anyone

Enhance transparency and communication by publicly sharing your calendar. Whether with clients or your team, you can share your calendar and keep everyone informed with real-time updates.


External calendar sync

Integrate calendars to stay synced

Sync your Calendar with Google Calendar, Outlook, and other popular external calendars to keep all your tasks and events in one easily accessible place.


Event reminders

Always informed with reminders

Never miss important deadlines or meetings with customizable event reminders. Set alerts to get notifications across devices, ensuring you’re aware of important tasks and events no matter where you are.