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ClickUp Automations

Spend more time on what matters

ClickUp makes it easy to automate routine tasks. Use prebuilt Automations or customize them to your needs, so your team can focus on work that matters most.

Powered by AI

Tell AI what you want to automate, and watch it work

ClickUp Brain makes it incredibly easy for any team to automate workflows in ClickUp. Simply describe what you want to automate in plain English, and watch as our built-in AI instantly configures a workflow automation on any Space, Folder, or List.

AI builder

Prebuilt Templates

Apply 100+ prebuilt templates to automate your busywork

We’ve thought of everything so you don’t have to. Use the 100+ prebuilt templates from our Automation library to handle your most tedious work, like automatically assigning tasks, posting comments, changing statuses, moving Lists, and so much more.

Prebuilt Templates

Dynamic Assignees

Keep your Automations flexible with dynamic assignees and people fields

Change any assignee or people custom field to a dynamic group like all watchers, the task creator, or the person who triggered an action. That way your Automation automatically updates when teams and responsibilities change.

Dynamic Assignees

Project Shortcuts

Automatically add assignees and watchers to new tasks in a location

Accelerate your projects with project shortcuts, and automatically add assignees and watchers to new tasks created in any Space, Folder, or List. Save time, reduce errors, and keep your team consistently focused on the most important work.

Project Shortcuts

Email Automation

Build Email Automations to connect with customers, partners, and more

Streamline your communication with ClickUp's email automations. Respond to customers that submit feedback via Forms, keep partners and vendors in the loop with automatic project updates, and so much more.

Email Automation

Audit Logs

View and edit all Automation activity in one place with audit logs

View automation status, actions taken, and easily click into the location where each automation occurred to verify details and make necessary changes.

Audit Logs 2

AI Actions

Trigger AI-generated updates and analysis for tasks and projects

Add AI custom fields to your tasks and projects to supercharge Automation workflows. Pick any trigger or condition, and AI will automatically populate a custom field with task summaries, project updates, data analysis, customer sentiment, and so much more.

AI Actions


Automate work in other apps with an integration or custom webhook

ClickUp Automations work with external apps to bring everything into a single, shared workflow. Integrate popular apps like HubSpot, GitHub, and Twilio, or create a custom webhook into any other app to automate work across your entire stack from one place.

Supercharge your productivity

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