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Featured Speakers

Learn from the best.

Bringing you the brightest minds in organizational efficiency, stay tuned for the full agenda!


Kyle Poyar

Operating Partner
@ OpenView

XImL96uw_400x400 1.png

Adriana Girdler

Chief Efficiency Officer
@ CornerStone Dynamics

Group 1618869870.png

Qasim Ashraf

Head of Operations
@ Deel

image (7)-1.png

Shipra Kayan

Lead Product Evangelist
@ Miro

LynnBrowning 1.png

Lynn Browning

Director, Project Management
@ Henderson Engineers


Molly Quella

Project Manager, Store Planning
@ Lids

image (2).png

Tyler Tolson

CEO & Founder
@ Denik

image (3).png

Zel Crampton

CEO & Founder
@ Diggs

Group 1618869829.png

Teresa Sothcott

Manager, PMO
@ VMware

image (7).png

Justin Kosmides

CEO & Co-founder
@ Vela Bikes

image (5).png

Maggie Davis

@ Convene

image (4).png

Dr. Ross Sadler

Consultant Scientist & Clinical Lead


Mandy Mekhail

Director of Talent Development
@ ClickUp

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Amrita Mathur

VP, Marketing
@ ClickUp

Group 1618869900.png

Angela Bunner

Global VP, Solutions
@ ClickUp

E03113FF70B-U02SV55U67K-b910d1f38dc0-512 2.png

Allison Kerler

Project Manager, Business Intelligence
@ Aya Healthcare

E03113FF70B-U04L1LDH02X-5b1ad9179582-512 1.png

Chris Hicken

Office of the CEO
@ ClickUp


4:00PM GMT
11:00AM ET
8:00AM PT

Opening Statements

  • Amrita Mathur, VP Marketing at ClickUp
Amrita Mathur

4:10PM GMT
11:10AM ET
8:10AM PT

Conquering Organizational Challenges on the Path to Success

  • Matthew Henderson, Co-CEO at Kolme
Matthew Henderson
Navigating the business world can be like solving a giant jigsaw puzzle – tricky but not impossible. In this session, Matthew Henderson, Co-CEO of Kolme Group, will share some clever strategies to tackle these challenges and put you on the fast track to success. He’ll chat about leadership, fresh ideas, and how to handle change like a pro. You will walk away understanding how to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones, setting your organization on the path to success.

4:45PM GMT
11:45AM ET
8:45AM PT

Breakout Session - Speed Networking

  • Amrita Mathur, VP Marketing at ClickUp
Amrita Mathur
Choose from a variety of fun topics and hop into a small group networking session to get to know your fellow PMOs, CEOs, and founders.

5:05PM GMT
12:05PM ET
9:05AM PT

Operational Excellence: The Key to Your Success in 2024

  • Kyle Poyar, Operating Partner at OpenView
Join Kyle Poyar, Operating Partner at OpenView, for an insightful discussion on the keys operational excellence. Discover how it empowers organizations to thrive in the future, with its three foundational pillars driving growth and fostering collaboration.

5:40PM GMT
12:40PM ET
9:40AM PT

From Bottleneck to Breakthrough: How the Best Operators Deliver on Their Plan Where Others Fail

  • Molly Quella, Project Manager, Store Planning at Lids
  • Tyler Tolson, CEO & Founder at Denik
  • Qasim Ashraf, Head of Operations at Deel
  • Angela Bunner GVP of Solutions at ClickUp
MollyQuella.png image (2).png Group 1618869870.png Angela Bunner
Unlock the secrets to bridging the gap between strategic objectives and operational execution. Learn how to maintain alignment, optimize the synergy between people, processes, and technology, and address bottlenecks to ensure successful outcomes for your organization.

6:15PM GMT
1:15PM ET
10:15AM PT

Clear Objectives, Clearer Outcomes: The Ripple Effect of Operational Visibility in Business

  • Zel Crampton, President & CEO at Diggs
  • Dr. Ross Sadler, Consultant Scientist and Clinical Lead at NHS
  • Chris Hicken, Office of the CEO at ClickUp
  • Allison Kerler, Project Manager, Business Intelligence at Aya Healthcare
Zel Crampton image (2).png image (2).png image (2).png
Unlock the power of operational visibility with Zel Crampton, President & CEO at Diggs and  Dr. Ross Sadler, Clinical Lead for Laboratory Immunology at NHS. Explore how integrated decision-making, automation, and collaborative risk management can create a ripple effect of clearer outcomes, bringing strategic direction and ground-level insights together for optimal results.

6:50PM GMT
1:50PM ET
10:50AM PT

Bringing It All Together: Work Management Efficiency Secrets for Multiple Projects & Teams

  • Teresa Sothcott, Manager, PMO at VMware
  • Maggie Davis, VP, PMO at Convene
  • Angela Bunner GVP of Solutions at ClickUp
Teresa Sothcott, Manager, PMO at VMware Dr. Ross Sadler Angela Bunner
How do you empower your teams with effective work management that scales to organizational and team needs?

Learn actionable strategies to synchronize projects, standardize processes for better performance tracking, and navigate change effectively as your organization grows, ensuring your teams work together cohesively and efficiently.

7:25PM GMT
2:25PM ET
11:25AM PT

Refresh and Recharge: Interactive Guided Meditation Session

  • Mandy Mekhail, Director of Talent Development at ClickUp
Mandy Mekhail
Join us for a refreshing and rejuvenating guided meditation session. Get ready to unwind, recharge, and have some fun on this relaxation break.

7:40PM GMT
2:40PM ET
11:40AM PT

Beat the Operations: House Mix with DJ Algo Rhythm & Lunch Break

  • Unwind to a seamless blend of chill house beats by Algo Rhythm as you enjoy a 30-minute lunch break.
DJ Algo Rhythm

8:10PM GMT
3:10PM ET
12:10PM PT

Break Siloes to Build Success: How to Create Systems for Seamless Collaboration

  • Lynn Browning, Director of Project Management at Henderson Engineers
  • Justin Kosmides, Co-founder and CEO at Vela Bikes
  • Shipra Kayan, Principle Evangelist at Miro
  • Chris Hicken, Office of the CEO at ClickUp
Lynn Browning Justin Kosmides Shipra Kayan image (2).png
In this session, discover how to break down silos, standardize workflows, and leverage technology for seamless collaboration. Learn how execs and project management leaders integrate vision and ground-level insights to foster a tech-driven, efficient collaborative culture.

8:45PM GMT
3:45PM ET
12:45PM PT

Cracking the code to Workplace Efficiency

  • Adriana Gridler, CEO (Chief Efficiency Officer), Slay PM
Adriana Gridler
In the fast-paced modern workplace, tasks can quickly accumulate, impacting team efficiency. This keynote will reveal strategies to identify and tackle productivity barriers, introduce techniques to enhance your leadership effectiveness, and guide you on empowering your team to manage their daily tasks with improved efficiency. Let's decode workplace inefficiency together and elevate your team's productivity to unprecedented levels!

9:20PM GMT
4:20PM ET
1:20PM PT

Closing Statement

  • Amrita Mathur, VP Marketing at ClickUp
Amrita Mathur