Virtual Webinar

The 2024 State of Productivity Report: What Every Team Needs to Know

Date: July 16 at 12:00PM PST

Did you know that a staggering 93% of organizations admit they aren't reaching their full productivity potential?

We partnered with to identify the productivity gaps that hinder team performance and how high high-performing teams overcome them.

Join Chris Hicken, Chief Productivity Officer at ClickUp, as he reveals key findings from our survey with actionable strategies for integrating teamwork, tools, and processes for greater efficiency.


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This webinar is essential for decision-makers who may not yet realize the extent of their productivity challenges.

What you'll learn:

  • The major work trends, priorities, and challenges impacting productivity today
  • How high performers use tools and centralize workflows for enhanced efficiency
  • Strategies for leveraging technology and automation to minimize busywork

What to expect

Work trends and insights

Learn what sets high-performing teams apart from low-performing teams with key findings from hundreds of organizations surveyed by ClickUp and

Strategic recommendations

Get practical strategies based on these insights to bridge the productivity gap, reduce inefficiencies, and unlock new efficiencies for your team.

Live Q&A

Get your questions answered about what these findings mean for your team, how to implement these insights into your digital workplace, and more.

Meet your host

"I'm excited to share insights from our report to help your teams identify areas for improvement and take actionable steps. Even small changes can lead to significant gains. I trust that you will find these insights as impactful as we did. Together, we can navigate the journey toward higher productivity."

—Chris Hicken, Chief Productivity Officer at ClickUp

Chris Hicken Headshot

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