Productivity Reimagined

Productivity Reimagined

A monthly show where operational leaders, project managers, and business heads talk about setting goals with OKRs, creating accountability, and managing change.

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Navigating Risk Management

In an ever-evolving business landscape, the ability to navigate and mitigate risks is crucial for sustained success. This session aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of risk management strategies.

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Optimizing Resource Management for Peak Efficiency

Learn best practices to enhance resource management. Don't miss out on this opportunity to supercharge your strategies!

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Mastering Change Management

Join Mike Coon, PMO @ Dish Network for top-level strategies to master change management. Get pointers to help you get buy-in from senior leadership.

Meet your host: Kelsey Frost

Over the past decade of her career, Kelsey has dedicated herself to guiding companies in evaluating and envisioning technology's potential to transform their businesses. For the past five years, she has focused specifically on the project management and collaboration space.

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What to expect

Tried-and-true tactics to elevate your business

Discover time-tested strategies from operational leaders, project managers and business leaders that will uplift and enhance your business to new heights.

Gain Leadership Insights

Acquire valuable leadership insights to elevate your skills and steer your professional journey with confidence.

Unlock the Power of Alignment

Unlock the power of alignment to propel your team towards shared goals and maximize organizational effectiveness.

Transform Your Organizational Efficiency

Revolutionize your organizational efficiency through strategic solutions and streamlined processes for unprecedented productivity gains.