How Pressed Juices streamlined operations and digital sales with ClickUp

From fragmented project management to cohesive planning, Pressed Juice leveraged ClickUp to enhance productivity, open more stores, and increase digital sales.

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The challenge

Pressed, a brand dedicated to making good nutrition accessible to everyone with their signature juices, was on a mission to expand its reach and delight its customers.

However, the journey was not without its challenges. Initially, the focus was on using ClickUp for the development team, but the broader organization lacked a unified project management tool.

This fragmentation hindered the company's ability to efficiently open new stores and manage its growing operations.

Solutions with ClickUp

Seeing the potential in ClickUp, Pressed championed its adoption not just for the development team but for the entire corporate structure. The platform's customizability and flexibility proved invaluable, allowing teams that traditionally might not use such software to come together under a unified system.

This cohesion enabled Pressed to efficiently plan and open over a hundred stores, with plans to open 200 more in the coming years. With ClickUp, the Pressed managed to triple productivity in four years without proportionally scaling the team. One of the most notable achievements was the growth in digital sales, which skyrocketed from a mere 2% to an impressive 65% post-pandemic.

ClickUp also played a pivotal role in ensuring that Pressed retail spaces, a hallmark of their brand identity, were consistently beautiful and ready for customers.


ClickUp wasn't just another tool for Pressed; it was a transformative solution. It helped its teams bridge operational gaps, foster innovation, and play a crucial role in the brand's significant digital sales growth.

The platform ensured that every store opening was smooth, with teams ready and customers eagerly awaiting. By integrating advanced technology and functionality, Pressed Juice enhanced the overall experience for store managers and customers alike.

ith a frictionless environment as the ultimate goal, ClickUp has been instrumental every step of the way, solidifying their commitment to operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

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