How Convene uses ClickUp to stay on top of their events

Once challenged with fragmented tools that slowed collaboration, Convene adopted ClickUp for cohesive project plans to boost efficiency and consistency across events.

Screen Shot 2023-10-11 at 10.40.png
Screen Shot 2023-10-11 at 10.40.png

The challenge

Convene, a company at the forefront of providing meeting and workspace solutions, manages events across various clients. Their journey was hampered by fragmented project management tools and a lack of consistent processes.

This made it tough to unite different departments under a cohesive event planning strategy and consistently delight their clients across different locations.

Their story

Solutions with ClickUp

In search of a solution to improve productivity, Convene adopted ClickUp as their go-to project management tool. Convene used ClickUp to bring together 200 professionals from diverse departments, forming a single shared workspace.

Today, Convene's teams use ClickUp's customizable templates to deliver a consistent and memorable client experience across all properties. Streamlining event details and management processes meant fewer meetings and clear execution of tasks.

Convene also uses ClickUp’s time tracking to accurately forecast projects and improve delivery times.


With ClickUp, Convene didn’t just find a tool; they found a game changer. It bridged the gaps between departments, eliminated inefficiencies, and cast a consistent quality spell across their properties.

The insights gathered from ClickUp's time tracking carved the path for higher operational efficiency. Emboldened by their success, Convene looks forward to leveraging ClickUp on a global scale, always aiming to raise the bar in operational excellence.

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