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Commercial Counsel

San Diego
< See all openings ClickUp is the world's only all-in-one productivity platform that flexes to the way people want to work. It replaces all individual workplace productivity tools with a single, unified platform including project management, document collaboration, spreadsheets, chat, goals, and more. On a mission to make the world more productive, ClickUp is headquartered in San Diego and scaling remotely and internationally. As one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies in the world, ClickUp helps millions of users to be more productive and save at least one day every week.

ClickUp is looking for an experienced Commercial Contracts Counsel to own our Enterprise Sales function. This role works alongside current staff to streamline current processes, develop more robust sales processes, and manage industry-specific risks effectively while driving revenue growth! You will collaborate with other teams across the organization while administering, negotiating, and executing contracts critical to the success of our strategic mission and operational goals. Your special focus will be on negotiating inbound commercial contracts, advising internal partners, and building processes.

If you're someone that enjoys tough negotiations, understanding and actualizing business goals, and tackling the day-to-day challenges that come with a hypergrowth tech company, this role is for you!
The Role:
  • - Draft, negotiate, and manage a wide range of contracts, including SaaS agreements, NDAs, DPAs, BAAs, and ISAs, with a focus on Enterprise sales agreements.
  • - Assist with the development and improvement of a sales playbook that reflects the risk tolerance of our business, including standard language fallbacks and canned responses to common points of pushback.
  • - Develop new form agreements and external-facing policies, and advise on/troubleshoot existing contract forms.
  • - Ensure contracts accurately convey business terms while protecting ClickUp’s interests.
  • - Assist with contract administration matters, including management of systems and processes supporting the sales organization.
  • - Work with colleagues to ensure continuity and improvement in the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of contracting systems, processes and procedures.
  • - Work alongside DevOps and privacy team to gain a deep understanding of our product and security/privacy infrastructure to enable accurate assessment of acceptable bounds in commercial contracts.
  • - Work with Sales Team managers to train team members on key contracting rules and common issues faced during the sales process.
  • - Identify and communicate risks to appropriate internal decision-makers for discussion and resolution.
  • - Confidently interact with various internal stakeholders, clients, and service providers to address legal and business questions.
  • - Perform other duties as they may be assigned.
  • - Juris Doctor and/or LLM.
  • - 5-7 years experience (primarily transactional, ideally 2-3 years of Enterprise SaaS contracting experience).
  • - Experience in the SaaS industry (ideal if experienced in Project Management or Data).
  • - Knowledge of key areas of SaaS contract liability, including GDPR/CCPA.
  • - CA Bar Licensure.
  • - San Diego based, or willing to relocate to San Diego.

ClickUp was founded on a culture of hard work, consistent growth, and a desire to break norms. We’re a values-driven company and hire based on ambition, merit, and a willingness to do what it takes to succeed. We don’t care where you’re from, what you look like, or who you’re in a relationship with—we hire the best people for the job, and create an environment that supports employees on their journey to do the most exciting work of their lives! ClickUp is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or national origin.

Apply Now
  • You resonate with ClickUp’s core values
  • You want to make a big impact
  • You consider yourself GREAT
  • You value working hard and working smart
  • You enjoy solving inefficiencies and are self-motivated
  • You enjoy a fast paced, high growth environment
  • You don’t communicate in legal-speak
  • You’re authoritative in meetings

About You

If you love what you do and wake up excited, you'll fit right in!


Just some of what we provide.
  • Opportunity to earn equity in fast growing company
  • New MacBook Pro
  • Health insurance (100% of premium paid)
  • Dental insurance (100% of premium paid)
  • Opportunity for cash bonuses
  • Commuter benefits
  • Team lunches each week
  • Unlimited snacks & drinks in office
  • Continued learning (Access to tons of paid courses)
  • Unlimited kombucha and cold brew on tap
  • 401k with 100% employer match up to 2% of annual salary

Our six step process.

🔍 Review
Applicants are reviewed to ensure a good fit.
👋 Initial Interview
We want to get to know you better!
📥 Mini Project
A project for the team you’re applying for is distributed.
🤓 Final Interview
This interview is conducted with team leads.
💰 Offer
A carefully tailored offer is sent to the candidate.
🚀 Career Launch
Blast off into the future of productivity and unlimited possibility!
core values

Core values.

the best customer experience, period.
Our customer experience is unmatched. We empower everyone at ClickUp to fix problems and act with our customers' best interests in mind.
Grow 1% every day.
Personal growth doesn't have to come from huge milestones—even 1% daily growth can be life-changing. At ClickUp, we're committed to growing at least 1% every day and helping others do the same.
Work hard, drive urgency, and be an owner in the details.
An ownership mindset and healthy sense of urgency empower us to get sh*t done. Small details add up and evolve into big wins when we follow through and embrace being an owner from start to finish.
Normal f*cking sucks.
ClickUp is built on the principle of doing things differently. We don't subscribe to the status quo or settle for good enough. We embrace change and innovative thinking to get ahead of challenges.
Pay it forward with random acts of kindness.
A successful company is not only defined by the value it receives, but by the value it gives back. At ClickUp, we believe in creating a net positive impact by providing resources and relief to those experiencing adversity, both internally and externally.
Have fun, find joy, be you.
With big goals comes hard work, but time is too precious not to have fun and be yourself along the way. While not every minute of work can be gleeful, every problem has a solution and we enjoy figuring it out together!
Be transparent and direct, with optimism.
There's a balance between challenging directly and caring personally. Be open with context and direct with your opinions, without being a jerk. It's important to be challenged so that we grow!

Life at ClickUp.

San Diego, Salt Lake City, and across the globe.
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Life at ClickUp
Life at ClickUp
Life at ClickUp
Life at ClickUp
Life at ClickUp
Life at ClickUp
Life at ClickUp
Life at ClickUp
Life at ClickUp
Life at ClickUp
Leader Spring 2020 ClickUp
Serious about security & privacy
Highest levels of uptime the last 12 months
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