How To Take a Screenshot in Chrome

If you’re using the Google Chrome Browser and need to take a screenshot, you’ve got a lot of options to do it.

The simplest is using a Chrome extension. A screenshot extension is more powerful than using keyboard shortcuts because many extensions provide additional tools for editing.

A screenshot Chrome extension will help you:

  • Keep important images and articles for later
  • Create mockups for your team
  • Annotate steps in a process to share with your team or colleagues

ClickUp Can Take Screenshots and Add Them To Your Tasks

A great tool to help you take a screenshot in Chrome is ClickUp. ClickUp is already known as one of the top productivity and project management platforms. Now you can take screenshots right from your browser window and load them into a ClickUp task. This Chrome extension will help your team collaborate even more effectively.

How To Take A Screenshot with the ClickUp Chrome Extension

  1. First, go to the Google Chrome  web store and search for “ClickUp.” Click “Add to Chrome.

    Install the ClickUp Chrome Extension from the Google Chrome store

  2. Sign up for a free ClickUp account if you don’t already have one
  3. Once installed, you can take a screenshot and even edit it. To capture the screen, select the monitor icon which will then give you options for screen capture.

  1. Now you’re ready to take your screenshot using the ClickUp Chrome extension. Just select the area you want to capture and then edit it! Or you can take a screenshot of the entire screen and browser window!

  1. From here, you can annotate your screenshot right inside the Chrome extension. Choose the edit button to edit and annotate the screenshot, or choose to attach to a task.

Here are the editing & annotation functions you can use on your screenshot with the ClickUp Google Chrome Extension

  • Paintbrush
    • Draw what you want on top of the screenshot
    • Set a color and brush size
  • Draw an arrow, line, circle, square
    • Quickly add shapes to highlight areas of the screenshot
    • Set a color and brush size
  • Text
    • Add notes right onto a screenshot
    • Set a color, size, and substrate (background)
  • Blur
    • Select an area of the screen you would like to remain hidden.
  • Numbers
    • Drop increasing numbered markers on your screenshot
    • Dragging and dropping allows you to create a box with the number
    • Perfect for sharing steps with a team member
  • Pointer
    • Select things you’ve already added to the screenshot and make adjustments
  • Undo / Redo
  1. After you’ve made your notes on your screenshot, hit the arrow to download, the “X” to cancel, or attach it to a task in ClickUp.

Why Take a Screenshot with ClickUp?

Screenshots are a valuable way to communicate, especially when communicating with others about a difficult problem. A screenshot will let you share the exact issue or problem that you’re having, and then others can communicate more effectively with ways for you to correct it.

This is often more effective than discussing technical issues.

Revising, annotating and editing screenshots is even easier when you combine it with a simple, yet powerful productivity platform and project management software like ClickUp.

With the ClickUp Chrome extension, you can create a task and then attach an edited screenshot right alongside it.

Besides Screenshots, What Else Can You Do with the ClickUp Google Chrome Extension?

  1. Create new tasks right from Google Chrome

ClickUp is all about making your life more productive. And once you start managing your team’s work in ClickUp, the Google Chrome Extension becomes even more valuable than just taking screenshots. If you’re researching on the web or using another tool, you can create a task right away. You can also add the website directly to the task.

  1. Attach screenshots to tasks

If you’re trying to explain or show additional information, you can attach that screenshot you took in Chrome directly to a task. Just select from the projects and lists that you already have in ClickUp.

  1. Time tracking with ClickUp and Google Chrome

Another amazing feature that ClickUp offers is time tracking for tasks. This functionality is also in the Chrome Extension. This simplifies your workflow and stops you from constant tab switching.


It’s easier than ever to take a screenshot in Google Chrome and use it directly in the projects and tasks that you’re working on. Once you start taking screenshots with the ClickUp Google Chrome extension, you’ll cut out several steps in the processes that you’ve used in the past for editing and annotating. ClickUp makes your workflow more productive!

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