The ClickUp Chrome Extension

The ClickUp Chrome Extension

At ClickUp, we always want to make your life easier and more productive.

One way we can do that is by giving you more tools that decreases any friction you experience in your daily workflow.

That’s why we’ve created a Chrome Extension 🙂

Now you can add tasks directly from your browser while away from ClickUp. Very nice!

Choose from the menu your Space and List, and then create your task right away.

To be honest, most “normal” software companies would stop there.

But…this isn’t just a regular ol’ Chrome extension that only lets you do one thing.

  1. Track Your Time

Nope, you can also track your time directly from the Chrome extension and add that directly to the tasks you’re working on. That way if you’re typing in a Google Doc (like I’m doing now) or reviewing videos or coding in your IDE, you can have the ClickUp extension running right in the background.

But…this isn’t just a regular ol’ Chrome extension that only lets you do one two things.

  1. Take and Edit Screenshots

With the ClickUp Chrome Extension, you can take a screenshot, and then add notes, shapes or texts right onto the screenshot. You can communicate faster and better with your team about changes or things to emphasize.

When you’ve added comments, you can then upload that screenshot image right into a task. Amazing!

There’s never been a project management tool that’s been this seamless with how you *actually* do work.

Not yet using ClickUp for productivity or product management? Not a problem. You can start your forever free account today and use the Chrome extension.

Get it Here

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