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*The discount offered via this referral is valid only for ClickUp's subscription-based services (including ClickUp seats at any paid tier and ClickUp Brain), and will not be applied to any other ClickUp products at checkout. The discount provided by this promotion is valid only for a subscription length of up to one (1) year of the purchased ClickUp products, after which your ClickUp subscription will return to list price. This offer may not be combined with other eligible offers provided by ClickUp, however you may choose to forfeit this offer for alternative offers provided to you by a ClickUp representative.

If you are an existing ClickUp customer, you must add at least $5,000 USD in ClickUp subscription-based services to your current subscription in order to qualify for this offer. You further agree that by exercising this offer your annual renewal date will be updated to the date of your acceptance of this offer and that any new services agreed to will not be prorated based on your existing subscription.