How ClickUp's Marketing Team Uses ClickUp

Want to see how marketers really use ClickUp?

Our marketing team is taking you behind the curtain to share how we manage our work every day in ClickUp.

We've pulled together our favorite templates, playbooks, and tips on how to use our favorite features for marketing campaigns to make your campaigns shine.


A sneak peek on how we launch campaigns in ClickUp...

From kickoff to post-launch, we keep all of our work in ClickUp which allows us to fast-track campaign launches in one place using:

  • Whiteboards for mapping journeys
  • ClickUp Docs for documenting ideas
  • Lists for tracking tasks and dependencies
  • Custom Fields for capturing all the project details
  • Calendar view for scheduling launches
  • ...and tasks for sharing updates and performance
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Learn how to reduce go-to-market time and streamline campaign operations with this playbook.

  • Audit for campaign opportunities in your marketing funnel
  • Align on go-to-market plans with your team faster
  • Create a flywheel for consistent messaging
  • ...and more!
CU Marketing Template


Grab the Campaign Outline Template to:

  • Clearly define and track your goals
  • Organize your content strategy and creative process
  • Manage tasks related to creating and launching the campaign
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