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Time Tracking Software for HR

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Time Estimated

Estimate and plan your time at a glance.

Get a high level view of your team's time tracking and compare it against the time estimated. See the amount of time remaining for each person's task to determine if you're on schedule to hit your goals.


Multiple Devices

Track your time from any device.

Record time from your desktop, mobile, or web browser with ClickUp's free Chrome extension. Easily link time tracked to any task you're working on in ClickUp.

Track time from anywhere

Ways To Use Time Tracking Software for HR

Payroll Management

  • Accurate Time Tracking: Helps in accurately recording employee work hours, ensuring correct payroll calculations and reducing errors.
  • Overtime Tracking: Monitors and tracks overtime hours worked by employees, facilitating compliance with labor laws and fair compensation.
  • Integration with Payroll Systems: Seamlessly integrates with payroll systems to streamline the payroll process and eliminate manual data entry errors.

Employee Productivity Monitoring

  • Workload Management: Allows HR to monitor employee workloads and redistribute tasks for a more balanced workload across the team.
  • Identifying Bottlenecks: Helps in identifying bottlenecks in workflows or processes that may be hindering employee productivity.
  • Performance Evaluation: Provides data on employee work patterns and productivity levels, aiding in performance evaluations and feedback sessions.

Project Costing and Budgeting

  • Project Time Allocation: Tracks the time spent by employees on different projects, aiding in accurate project costing and budget allocation.
  • Resource Planning: Assists in resource planning by identifying the most time-consuming tasks or projects and reallocating resources accordingly.
  • Budget Tracking: Helps in monitoring project budgets by comparing actual time spent against budgeted time, enabling better financial planning and control.

Compliance Monitoring

  • Labor Law Compliance: Ensures compliance with labor laws regarding work hours, breaks, and overtime, reducing the risk of legal penalties.
  • Leave Management: Tracks employee leave days, ensuring compliance with company policies and regulations.
  • Audit Trail: Provides an audit trail of employee work hours and activities, aiding in compliance audits and investigations.

Remote Work Management

  • Remote Employee Monitoring: Helps in monitoring the work hours and productivity of remote employees, ensuring accountability and performance management.
  • Flexible Work Arrangements: Facilitates flexible work arrangements by tracking remote work hours and ensuring fair compensation.
  • Communication and Collaboration: Integrates with communication tools to facilitate collaboration and communication among remote teams, enhancing teamwork and productivity.

Challenges a Time Tracking Tool Solves for HR

Accurate Timekeeping

Project and Task Tracking

Attendance Monitoring

Leave Management

Compliance with Labor Laws

Analyzing Productivity and Efficiency

Frequently Asked Questions

How can time tracking software help HR professionals manage employee attendance and leave?

Time tracking software can help HR professionals manage employee attendance and leave by automating time recording, providing real-time visibility into employee hours, tracking time-off requests, and generating accurate timesheets for payroll processing.

What features should I look for in a time tracking software to effectively monitor and track employee work hours?

Look for features such as automated time capture, timesheet approvals, project tracking, reporting capabilities, mobile compatibility, and integration with payroll systems in a time tracking software to effectively monitor and track employee work hours.

Can time tracking software integrate with other HR systems, such as payroll and performance management, to streamline processes and improve efficiency?

Yes, time tracking software can integrate with various HR systems like payroll and performance management, streamlining processes, improving efficiency through automated data sync, accurate payroll calculations, and enhanced performance evaluation based on actual work hours tracked.

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