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Save 4+ Hrs/Wk

Teams from Marketing to Engineering report 30% time savings—roughly 4 hours every week using AI.

Reduce costs by 75%

Mid-sized companies save an avg. of $117k after cutting unnecessary spend on other generative AI tools.

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We partner with you to establish safe AI policies to unlock team potential—without creating risk.

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“ClickUp Brain saves me 3x the time spent previously on Project Management tasks. Not only has it enhanced my productivity, but it has also ignited my creativity.”

One AI to replace them all

The world's first neural network that connects all of your projects, docs, people, company knowledge with AI.

AI Knowledge Manager

Get instant, accurate answers based on context from all tasks, docs, and people in ClickUp.

AI Project Manager

Stop wasting time on manual and repetitive work with AI-powered automatic updates and status reports.

AI Writer for Work

Create content and reply quickly with an assistant tailored for work.

Trust & Security

Strict policies ensure your data is never shared, trained on, or used outside of your company’s workspace.