ClickUp Gits GitHub

ClickUp Gits GitHub

GitHub, meet ClickUp.

If you use GitHub, you’ll love the new full-fledged integration with ClickUp.

Skip steps and automatically track commits and branches.

Automatic association: include Click Up Task ID in your commits

Find task ID in each task, and simply click the ‘copy’ button to copy it to your clipboard.

Include this anywhere in your commit message and your commit will automatically link to the task in ClickUp.

This allows you to track Git history for each task and keep it one organized place. We’ll even notify you if tasks you’re watching have new Github updates.

Manually associate commits

You can always add commits to tasks manually.

  1. Click the Github icon
  2. Select a Repo
  3. Select a Branch
  4. Add your commit

Coming Soon: Actions

Soon, you’ll be able to perform Git actions directly inside Click Up.

Do you ever need to create a new feature branch? With Actions, you’ll be able to¬†click to branch off and associate the branch and future commits to that ClickUp task automatically.

Our team is working around the clock to make the world’s best platforms work better together. This awesome GitHub integration is only the beginning.

  • Raj K

    Looking forward to performing Git actions within the tool

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