You can use webhooks using the ClickUp API to notify you when changes are made in a Workspace.


You can include one or more events in the request body of the Create Webhook endpoint.


You can include * as a wilcard to subscribe to all events.


You can create a webhook to subscribe to events from a specific location in your Workspace.

You can only specify one location per webhook. The most specific location applies, so including any combination of Space, Folder, List, or task will subscribe to events for the lowest level of the hierarchy.

The following example will only subscribe to events for the List.

  "space_id": 1234,
  "list_id": 4567

The following example will only subscribe to events for the task.

  "space_id": 1234,
  "folder_id": 9876,
  "list_id": 4567,
  "task_id": "abc1234"

Task webhooks

  • taskCreated: Triggered when a new task is created.
  • taskUpdated: Triggered when a task is updated. Adding an attachment to a task does not trigger the taskUpdated webhook. To trigger this webhook using an attachment, you can upload an attachment to a task comment.
  • taskDeleted: Triggered when a task is deleted.
  • taskPriorityUpdated: Triggered when the priority of a task is updated
  • taskStatusUpdated: Triggered when the status of a task is updated.
  • taskAssigneeUpdated: Triggered when an assignee is added or removed from a task.
  • taskDueDateUpdated: Triggered when the due date of a task is updated.
  • taskTagUpdated: Triggered when a tag is added or removed from a task.
  • taskMoved: Triggered when a task is moved to a new List.
  • taskCommentPosted: Triggered when a comment is added to a task.
  • taskCommentUpdated: Triggered when an existing comment on a task is updated.
  • taskTimeEstimateUpdated: Triggered when the time estimate on a task is added or updated.
  • taskTimeTrackedUpdated: Triggered when the time tracked on a task is added, updated, or deleted.

View example task Payloads

List webhooks

  • listCreated: Triggered when a new List is created.
  • listUpdated: Triggered when an existing List is updated.
  • listDeleted: Triggered when a List is deleted.

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Folder webhooks

  • folderCreated: Triggered when a new Folder is created.
  • folderUpdated: Triggered when an existing Folder is updated.
  • folderDeleted: Triggered when a Folder is deleted.

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Space webhooks

  • spaceCreated: Triggered when a new Space is created.
  • spaceUpdated: Triggered when an existing Space is updated.
  • spaceDeleted: Triggered when a Space is deleted.

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Goal and Target (key result) webhooks

  • goalCreated: Triggered when a new Goal is created.
  • goalUpdated: Triggered when an existing Goal is updated.
  • goalDeleted: Triggered when a Goal is deleted.
  • keyResultCreated: Triggered when a new Target is created.
  • keyResultUpdated: Triggered when an existing Target is updated.
  • keyResultDeleted: Triggered when a Target is deleted.

View example Goal and Target Payloads

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