Webhook URL

When an event occurs that your webhoook is subscribed to, we will send details about that event to the URL that you provided when you created the webhook.

If no protocol is provided in the URL, the default will be https.


In the future, non-ssl protocols may not be supported. We recommended using secure protocols where possible.

Requests to your URL will always adhere to the following criteria:

  • Always sent with the method POST
  • The Content-Type will always be application/json
  • The webhook_id , event , and resource ID will be passed in the body.
  • If a history item exists describing the event, it will be passed in a history_items array.

Here is an example request:

POST https://yourdomain.com/webhook
Content-Type: application/json

Here is an example response:

    "webhook_id": "7689a169-a000-4985-8676-6902b96d6627",
    "event": "taskUpdated",
    "history_items": [
                "username":"John Doe",