Command Responses

When you run a Cloud Command, ClickUp sends a request to your specified HTTPS endpoint, and expects a specifically formatted response in order to perform an operation (the thing you want the command to do).

The following operations are available to include within a Command Response:

  • Input placeholder
  • Action
  • View
  • Config
  • Tokens

Input placeholder

A string that appears in the input field when running your Cloud Command.


Actions are things the command can do, including:

  • ActionOpenURL: Opens a given URL.
  • ActionCopy: Copies some text to the clipboard.
  • ActionPaste: Pastes some text to the active app.
  • ActionShowToast: Shows a message in a temporary popup notification on the screen. This option is only supported when using ClickUp in a web browser.
  • ActionMoveAddParam: Create additional options within a command.


Views allow you create a customizable page within the search modal which appears when you run the Command.

  • Text: Display some text.
  • List: A list of actions you can take from the command.
  • Masonry: Display a grid of images.
  • Form view: Create a form within the search modal. Use Create Task to create a task in ClickUp with the data from the submitted form.


Display a one-time form that captures some information and passes it to the command.

For example, you can use Config to display a prompt to the user to enter an API key to a third-party app, then use the API key entered by the user to send and receive data from the other app.


Tokens allow you create a breadcrumb that appears in the Search modal input.

You can use this with ActionMoveAddParam to show that the user is browsing to a submenu within a command.