Setting assignees

assignees is an array of the assignees' user ids to be added to a task.

You can view the available user ids using the Get Teams (Workspaces) call.

Setting priority

priority is a number that corresponds to the Priorities available in the ClickUp UI. As in the ClickUp UI, priorities cannot be customized. 1 is Urgent 2 is High 3 is Normal 4 is Low

Setting time estimates

time_estimate values use milliseconds.

Using Custom Fields

You can set Custom Fields using the Create new Task endpoint, but not using the Update task endpoint.

To update Custom Fields on an existing task use the Set Custom Field value endpoint.

Formatting in a task description

To use double quotation marks in the text_content, description, and markdown_description fields you must escape the \" character with \.

For example, including this: \"description\": \"Here is some text. \\\"This is speech.\\\" Additional text.\"

Will look like this in the ClickUp UI: Here is some text. \"This is speech.\" Additional text.

Using Markdown in the task description

Instead of description you can pass markdown_description with valid markdown syntax to add formatting to the task description.

Markdown features that are supported include headers, emphasis, unordered lists, ordered lists, images, links, blockquotes, and inline code.

For more information on markdown syntax, follow GitHub's guide here.