Join our ClickUp experts for in-depth sessions to help you boost
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ClickUp 3.0 and ICOR®: Revolutionizing Team Productivity
11/20/23, 9AM PST
Dr. Thomas Roedl, Founder Paperless Movement®

Join Dr. Thomas Roedl AKA Tom Solid, the Founder of Paperless Movement® as he demonstrates the practical applications of ClickUp 3.0 and how it aligns with ICOR® stages.

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Manage Your Projects Like a Pro with ClickUp 3.0
11/21/23, 9AM PST
Greg Mead, Sr. Instructional Designer

Take a tour of what's new in ClickUp 3.0 to effectively manage your projects and boost your productivity. We'll dive into the new task view, location overviews, AI capabilities, and more!

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Unleash Your Agile Workflows with ClickUp 3.0
11/27/23, 9AM PST
Alex Kunzer, Sr. Solutions Engineer

Check out the advanced agile features of ClickUp 3.0, designed to streamline product management and engineering workflows. We'll cover new Agile cards and dashboards, advanced sprint settings, new task types, and more!

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4 Ways Agencies Can Break Down Silos and Boost Team Productivity With ClickUp 3.0
11/29/23, 9AM PST
Jeff Cypher Productivity Professor at ZenPilot

Is work slipping through the cracks? Communication getting lost? This is the day-to-day reality for many teams. Learn how to beat the chaos with ClickUp 3.0 by building new processes and habits that streamline communication and boost productivity.

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Level Up Your Marketing and Content Management Efforts with ClickUp 3.0
11/30/23, 9AM PST
Mike Slaby, Strategic Solutions Engineer

Explore how ClickUp 3.0 can level up your marketing and content management efforts, providing you with the tools to streamline your workflows, enhance collaboration through automation, and drive more impactful campaigns at scale.

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Build a Knowledge Base with ClickUp 3.0
12/4/23, 9AM PST
Samantha Peloquin, Sr. Solutions Engineer

Make information accessible to the right person, in the right place, at the right time with ClickUp 3.0. We'll cover how to build a knowledge base and organize internal information to help your employees get their jobs done!

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Boost Strategic Planning and OKR Tracking with ClickUp 3.0
12/7/23, 9AM PST
Patrick Wise, Solutions Engineer

Discover how you can supercharge your strategic planning and OKR (Objectives and Key Results) tracking with ClickUp 3.0. We'll cover features and best practices to take your organizational productivity to the next level.

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Optimize Business Operations with ClickUp 3.0
12/11/23, 9AM PST
Jen Hale, Sr. Solutions Engineer

Drive improved operational efficiency with ClickUp 3.0, featuring advanced client management capabilities, better resource management, and a host of other exciting new features to built to optimize your business operations.

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Maximize Your Personal Productivity with ClickUp 3.0
12/18/23, 9AM PST
Elliot Rossbach, Sr. Training Specialist

Unlock your full potential with ClickUp 3.0 by exploring new features and best practices that can dramatically boost your personal productivity. We'll highlight our new, customizable Home experience, LineUp, Inbox, and more!

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