Common errors

Unsuccesful requests will return an HTTP status code other than 200. They'll include a JSON error message and error code.

Common errors

XMLHttpRequest from origin has been blocked by CORS policy

This error is displayed when you make requests directly from a local environment or frontend application, such as Javascript Axios or Fetch. You can create a proxy script using any server-side language and then use Javascript to send requests.

Rate limit reached

HTTP status code 429

The API is rate limited per OAuth and personal token. You'll receive a 429 HTTP status code response if you exceed the rate limit.

Team not authorized

OAUTH_023, OAUTH_026, OAUTH_027, and OAUTH_029 to OAUTH_045

This error is thrown when a team (Workspace) was not authorized by the user for a particular access token.

Token not found

OAUTH_019, OAUTH_021, OAUTH_025, OAUTH_077

This error is thrown if authorization is revoked by the user.

Authorization Header Required


The authorization token was missing in the Authorization header of the request.

Client Not Found


The client application was not created correctly.

Error code

Redirect URI not passed


The redirect URI was not present during the OAuth authentication flow.

Redirect URI does not match the redirect uris of this application


The redirect URI must be registered with your client application.

Webhook configuration already exists


A webhook has already been created using this configuration and location.