ClickUp API 2.0

Build your own custom integrations and ClickUp apps with our public Application Programming Interface (API).

Explore the ClickUp API

Explore what's possible with the ClickUp API.

  • Read our API docs in the left sidebar to learn about the ClickUp API.
  • View and try individual endpoints and parameters by browsing the Reference section in the left sidebar.

Try the ClickUp API in your web browser

Try using our API with your ClickUp account and Workspaces, or use a mock server to see generic information.

You can copy an example request in a variety of coding languages.


In order to use the ClickUp API, you'll need to authenticate every request.

If you're using the ClickUp API for personal use, you can use your personal API token.

If you're building an app or integration for other people to use, you can use our OAuth flow, which allows ClickUp users to authorize specific Workspaces for your app.

You must include the token in the Authorization header of your API requests.

Either way you choose to authenticate, you and your app's users will only have access and permission to the information they can access through ClickUp.

Download the Postman collection

Start working with the ClickUp API in just a few clicks!

You can view all of the ClickUp API endpoints using our public collection available through Postman, which is an app you can use to test and work with APIs.

  1. View our Postman Collection.
  2. Fork the collection to create a copy in your own Postman workspace.
  3. Make your first request to the ClickUp API!

Rate limits

The ClickUp API enforces request rate limits per token. Rate limits vary depending on your Workspace Plan.

Plan limits

API endpoints vary depending on your plan.