LevelUp Productivity On Tour London

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Join LevelUp Productivity On Tour London on 29th March and learn ClickUp's product vision, and network with industry experts.

In 2023, efficiency is at the heart of most company strategies, but the reality is that SaaS spend has undelivered for many organisations. According to Boston Consulting Group, most (70%) of today’s IT investment is failing to deliver the desired outcome.

Learn how to change that at LevelUp Productivity On Tour London where you'll hear from productivity experts on the latest approaches and best practices to help you save time and costs.

At this event, you'll benefit from:

  • Insights on ClickUp's product vision, strategy, and roadmap

  • Actionable strategies and tips from successful customers

  • Networking with industry experts and ClickUp customers

  • Event Date

    Wednesday 29th March @ 3:30pm BST

  • Location

    Events at No 6, 6 Alie St, London E1 8QT