ClickUp Chronicles: How Opes Partners Masters End-to-End Client Work Transparency

ClickUp Chronicles How Opes Partners Masters End to End Client Work Transparency

As experts in the New Zealand residential market, Opes Partners provide their clients with comprehensive property investment advice without having to compromise on the lifestyle that their clients strive for.

In this session, Annika Werner, MarTech Consultant and Digital Delivery Manager and Ed McKnight, Resident Economist at Opes Partners, will share tips and tricks on how Opes Partners has successfully empowered their clients through end-to-end work transparency when it comes to investing in property. 

Here is what we will cover:

  • The challenge of finding the best solution for unique needs

  • Behind the scenes look into Opes Partners' innovative workflows

  • Lessons learned from internal and client rollout of ClickUp

  • Date

    Date: Available On Demand

  • Duration

    Duration: 45 min