ClickUp Chronicles: Finastra's 7 Tactics to Boost ClickUp Adoption

Finastra Clickup Chronicles Speakers.png

You've onboarded your team to ClickUp—nice work! But, how do you drive them to start actively using ClickUp in their day-to-day work?

In this edition of ClickUp Chronicles, Daria Gîrju, Digital Demand Generation Specialist at Finastra, will walk you through her journey of helping 100+ members of Finastra's marketing team adopt ClickUp.

Here’s what she’ll cover:

  • The roadblocks to ClickUp adoption

  • How to find and leverage the right internal champions

  • The 7 proven tactics for adoption that work in small, medium, and enterprise businesses

  • Date

    Available On Demand

  • Duration

    45 minutes